Ignite Your Lifestyle and Healthy Living with Guest Wellness Coach, Lucy Buckner


“Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live.”- Jim Rohn

Lucy Buckner, Lucy is a Certified Wellness Coach, Professionally Trained Life Coach

Wellness Coaching for Body, Mind and Spirit

Lucy Buckner is a special caring coach who gives of her time throughout the week to help women find their true essense.  Her coaching practice is all around Wellness.  “Lucy’s coaching and health education is designed to help women create a lifestyle that will allow them to flourish .” It is her passion!!!


Please join me and listen to our visit with Lucy during our broadcast at “In the Moment”     It has been archived for your listening enjoyment 24/7.  Just click on the blog talk radio button to the left.    Her voice alone will sooth you. 
Lucy is the President of the First Coast Coaches Association of North Florida.

If you miss our show this broadcast has been archived and can be viewed from here.  Just go to the blog talk radio button to the left and Lucy Buckner Interview is on the top of the list.  Just click on the arrow and sit back, listen and enjoy her special advice for all of us. 

We are all definitely getting ready for 2011.  Lucy will be providing us some great tools for our Resilient Life Tool Box.

Look forward to having you join us.


 To Visit Lucy Buckner.  Join her at Easy Wellness Today.   Lucy has so much to share.  Her website provides so much information to get us started on realizing how wellness is an portion of our life we can not forget to provide us a “Balanced Lifestyle.”

 To view Lucy’s recommended book list you can visit our Now Best Self Help Books and also view the list on Lucy Buckner’s website.  Link provided above 

“Capture Your Life” in the Colorado Mtns with Master Coach Helene Van Manen – This is for Everyone! Learn the Importance of Learning to “Be” which leads to a Productive, Resilient and Happy Life.

 We will happily find time to answer your questions.  


Helene Invites you to Colorado to Capture Your Life! Her hubby, Dave, Director of the Mountain Park Environmental Center

Our “In the Moment” Broadcast invites you join me to learn about how Retreats should be a part of our year’s activities. We will learn how we can benefit by getting in touch with who we are as individuals from inside out. It also provides us a time to learn to relate to others on a new level of awareness. As we approach 2011 let’s learn and plan a retreat as a group. Let’s learn about retreats, journaling and meditation and how all of these ingredients when brought together can  help us broaden out lens to unbelievable possibiities in 2011. There are all different types of retreats. Some require some travel time others do not.

Retreat Master ...Helene Van Manen leads us to our uniqueness!

Join me as we  visit with Helene Van Manen, who is known the world over as “The Retreat Coach” and is a Master  Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation and the Founder of www.RetreatCoaches.com.  Contact us in advance with any questions you might have at info@inthemomentwithadele.com

Earth Woman, Helene with Retreat Participants