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How To Take Charge of Your Medical Care and Write Your Own Personal Prescription For Life Long Health

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Dr. Pete Weiss brings together all his experience to form the More Health Less Care Alliance.  Shares his experience with health care, doctors, patients, and the addition of coaches to the better health equation for everyone.  Join us and listen to bringing health support to a new level.

Dr. Pete Weiss

Dr. Weiss also has his own blog talk radio broadcast where he shares his experience and promotes his advocacy that everyone can promote better health for themselves and their is support out their to do it.  This support will be discussed along with the impact of his research and experience on our health and how we can handle it today.

If you have questions for Dr. Weiss.  Please email your questions to and will include these question during our broadcast.

More Health Less Care by Dr. Pete Weiss

Nothing in the World Can Take Place of Persistence.  Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.  Genius will not; unrewarded genius almost a proverb.  Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.  Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.  The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

Calvin Coolidge

Dr. Pete Weiss motivates us to ‘Press On’ and take control of our health!

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Protecting “Our” Children and Our Selves from Nature Deficit Disorder” with Dave Van Manen


Welcome Dave Van Manen to “In the Moment” – Our Blog Talk Radio Broadcast to talk about Protecting Our Children and Our Selves

Dave Van Manen, Director of the Mountain Park Environmental Center. Beulah, CO

by making a difference in preserving our planet for “NOW” and for the “FUTURE.”  Listen to Dave’s Interview this Thursday at 11:30 EST on “In the Moment” Blog Talk Radio Show with Host, Adele Arnesen of Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village and Resilience Living Connect.

With the efforts and vision of Dave Van Manen the “Mountain Park Environmental Center Center” in Beulah, Colorado has evolved to provide all of us an unbelievable outdoor classroom.  Accommodations are also available now for the touring family, couples and individuals.  Please watch and listen to Dave Van Manen as he shares his love with you…The Mountains of Beulah Colorado, its’ inhabitants and the surrounding natural beauty located on our planet.

MPEC is awarded the 2010 Stewardship Award

Thank you so much Dave Van Manen for making a difference for our young people, for helping out the local economy and opening up a place for all of us to enjoy and learn about our life here on this planet.

Here are some more links to learn about the Mountain Park Environmental Center and Dave Van Manen.

Click here to hike and learn with Dave Van Manen at the Mountain Park Environmental Center.

and read Dave’s Blog Below!

Let’s join Ranger Dave and share our wonderful “free” planet gifts with our children.  We might enjoy it too!

Planting the seeds for Toddlers in taking care of our planet and having fun on the mountainside

Embrace Your Life with Guest, Tiffani Walker…Radio Personality of Embrace Your Life


Welcome Tiffani Walker to our In The Moment Blog Talk Radio Broadcast

Tiffani Walker, EmbraceLife Blog Talk Show Host









We welcome Tiffani Walker to share her journey from the Hill District section of Pittsburgh, PA in the mid-80’s where life surrounding her was filled with drug activity as it ran rampant throughout her community. Every other household had either a drunk, a junkie, or someone selling drugs in their family.” With this as a backdrop, Tiffani was destined for failure.

As she witnessed her peers lives wasted at the age of. 25 years old and carrying the weight of the city on her shoulders, she decided to become the change that was lacking.

She is even more determined than before. She has a divine appointment and plans to use the entertainment industry and entrepreneur opportunities. She’s a business woman who works from home. Ask how? She has an online talk show, was created to inspire her peers b/n ages 18-39.  She keeps it real while making a difference and always encouraging her listeners to “Embrace life with ambition!!” 

Listen to airs every Wednesday at 8 pm Est time at

We are so thrilled to have Tiffani Walker join Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village and become one of our Villagers.  Also, join Tiffani at to ask her any questions and seek her opinion on how areas of your life you would really like to embrace.

 Please listen to Tiffani’s broadcast which is archived.  Just look at the blog talk radio button to the left, sit back and listen.