Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Yellowstone Dream and More!


Every one has a dream…Many years ago Thurber wrote about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  As a follow-up to this short story, a movie was made with Danny Kaye, who some of you might remember. After seeing that movie and reading the short story again I bring my thoughts to Yellowstone Country and Yellowstone National Park. As Mitty had a number of special day dreams a visit to Yellowstone is a favorite dream of many.  Many, indeed, live out their dream in the wild…so was this a dream of Walter Mitty.  Let’s visit Walter Mitty as he shares this here .  

You will see that even Yellowstone is a special favorite of the Mitty family.

If you are so inclined…drop me a note and I will send you a list that I have personally compiled about people, places and things to see and do here in Yellowstone Country.  In fact do it now.  Leave a comment here or email me at

Capture the Moment! Photo Memories!


Celebrating Photography during the Month of March!

Visit the Photography Room at the Art Center for 2012 photo contests

Capturing a moment through the eye of the camera, does it not amaze you at what you see.  My feelings transmit such excitement.  Capturing moments with the camera lens opens up a world I might have otherwise missed.

You Are On Candid Camera

Never knew I would be so excited about having a friend named Nikon.  It feels so good.   Since I have gained such a friendship the world has opened up and expanded into areas I would never have traveled to.  Even though I know the world expands as we seek new paths along our life’s journey, it still amazes me on what I find.

Paradise Valley Friends and the Absaroka Mountains

Today, as I started researching for a Brook N’ Dell Project and the  Photography Room at the Art Center I found myself finding so many opportunities for photographers…Even novice amateur photographers like myself.   This research objective is to provide an on-going resource guide to  many monthly and yearly photography contests.

Knowing that there are so many resources out there in the world of photography we invite all to join us in this endeavor.  If you know of  contests please send a message by using the comment section below or  if you wish send a private message to

We thank you for visiting Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.  Our mission is to support all in living an exciting purposeful life and capturing the moment!

 If you are an amateur or professional photographer and visit Yellowstone National Park as well as Glacier National Park, please contact me as we are working on a project which might interest you.

Prayers from Brook N’ Dell


Dear Friends who have suffered from the tornadoes across the states,

I send my prayers to all.  I also extend prayers from those who are involved with Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village as well.  After seeing the devastation you have all suffered our hearts extend out to you.  God Bless you all!  If there is any message we can send to all on your behalf let us know.

Adele…Town Writer