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August 12th

Blog Talk Radio with host, Adele Arnesen and Guest, Veronica Reinhardt

Conversation all around Life’s Chapters, Challenges and Choices

11:30 -12:30 est

July 11th – 17th


Teleclass Starts 8 am EST- To Enroll see Schedule and Appointment button to the left…This teleclass will be offered every week at 8am on Wed. morning.  This teleclass is for everyone.  Offers attendee that desire to create their own life as they would like it to be and be in the driver’s seat.  This is for business people, entrepreneurs, and individuals.  The mixture of all people enlightens each person that we each have a unique piece to the puzzle.  We each can support others and share our uniqueness at the same time.  Open up your treasure chest to see what you have hidden within yourself. 

As the facilitator, I look forward to sharing my uniqueness as an ingredient for your life’s recipe.  Come and join me this Wed.  We will meet every Wed. at 8 am est.  Make sure you register so the call in information and weekly notes can be sent to you via email.

July 15th

Dr. Bill Crawford, Psychologist, Author, and Facilitator joins me on “In the Moment” Radio Show. 

Dr. Bill Crawford, Psychologist, Author, "In the Moment" Radio Guest



Everyone has heard the statistics . . . 75% of professionals describe their lives as “very stressful” and with the pace of change and increased demands on our time, chances are good that it’s just going to get worse! Plus, even though everyone is experiencing more stress than ever, they are also tired of traditional “stress management” and people giving them simplistic answers to life’s complex problems. In this interview, psychologist Dr. Bill Crawford addresses this problem by first explaining why this level of stress and frustration is so prevalent, and why so much of the advice about how to deal with these problems will never work! Then, using a conversational style that is free of psychobabble, he uses the latest research on the brain to outline a concrete, comprehensive system for dealing with stress and accessing the clarity, confidence, and creativity necessary for success in today’s world. Bio on Bill Crawford, Ph.D. In addition to holding a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Houston, Dr. Crawford is a licensed psychologist, author of four books, organizational consultant, and life coach. Over the last 25 years he has created over 3200 presentations for such organizations as Sprint, Shell, The Texas Medical Center, PBS, and many other organizations and professional associations nationwide. He has a unique perspective on life that he shares with such humor and energy, he is constantly referred to as the “Steve Martin” of corporate America. In addition, his two PBS specials have been seen by over 15 million people and he has been quoted as an expert in such diverse publications as The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Investor’s Business Daily, The Chicago Tribune, Self Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, and Working Mother just to name a few.

Week July 4th – 10th

July 7th

Radio Broadcast with Host Adele Arnesen

Our Guest this week is Dale Beaman of Beaman Coaching.

Dale provides individual coaching as well as group coaching and seminars.  Past president of First Coast Coaches Association of Northeast Florida…Jacksonville, Fl.

We invite you to join us.  If your schedule does not permit listening when we are live on-air you can listen to it at your leisure.  All Broadcasts are archived for your listening enjoyment.  Just make sure you have a pad and pencil.  Hopefully, you will enjoy our program moreover, receive tools you can use to help you live with passion and limitless possibilities in your life.


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