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The Seaport at Brook N' Dell Virtual Village

Latest News Can Always be found “Here.”  Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village will grow and grow and grow. 

 There is so much going on here it is difficult to keep up unless we post the lastest new to our visitors.  So please visit here often.  We will tell you what is happening here on a daily basis.

Today, April 27, we have completed the 1st phase of our Village Shop.  We have also posted a brief story about our resident artist, Marie Brown under Village Information and Friends in the Village. 

Also, a forum has started in the Chat Cafe.  Just sign in.  There is no fee.  This is just a time to share thoughts on a topic.

Coaching is also available at the Chat Cafe.  If you would like to learn more about having a coach let Adele know.  There is a complimentary coaching session available.


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