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Celebration Time! Our Town has it’s first non-profit!


Celebration Time!

Our Town of Brook N’ Dell now has a Special Public Charity, Resilience Living Connect!

Our Charity just received the 501C3 designation from the IRS. This Charity is all around providing Education and Resource Services to ignite magic in our lives with tools for bringing magic into our lives.                                            Visit Resilience Living Connect 

Learn more about The Mission and Vision of this special Charity!!!  Our goals are all about joining everyone in supporting the needs in terms of education and resources for individuals and groups.

Our Grand Old Flag

For More information contact us at 352-250-6170.

We invite you to join us!

Adele Arnesen, Founder and Executive Director

A Very Merry Christmas to all!


May the spirit of Christmas enliven your hearts!  This season is so special as it brings people together to celebrate!  May all of you have a very special Christmas.  May the bells chime in your hearts in hopes that it will carry on throughout this season and the coming year!  God’s Blessing to All from our special home at Brook N’ Dell to yours!

Alert…Getting Outside!


Alert…Getting Outside!   It is healthy!  Just an hour can be a wake-up call for us!  (Below … a visit to Ediz Hook}

Have you ever said to yourself, “I just don’t have time!”  There is just so much to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you remember that feeling?  I used to think like that many times as I was in the midst of some of many projects.

The last post, I wrote, presents such soothing music, “Somewhere in Time.”  When I play this it reminds me to live in the moment..and this is the only moment I have, right now, to connect with so many things…my work, my life…taking steps on my vision and dreams for the future.

I know and remind myself with words that I say to myself quite often…”Adele, It is what you do now, in this present moment, that will bring good things in the future.    Remember this!  All things will come in time.”  However, when my “here and now” seems to be a bit stressed, I try to take steps to unwind.  Nature is usually my answer.  Muir, Emerson, Thoreau and many others have written about our beloved outdoors and did not get it wrong.

So..When my “here and now” seems to be a bit stressed, I try to take steps to unwind.  Nature is usually my answer.  Muir, Emerson, Thoreau and many others have written about or beloved outdoors and did not get it wrong.

Do you have these feelings?  Come and take a break with me.  Join me for a moment…let’s go outside.  Let’s go to Ediz Hook!  Enjoy!

Have a Great Moment in Time today!


News is Breaking!


News is Breaking in the town of Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village. We are entering a new phase in our town. All who have visited the town realize it is a town where all the visitors meet the towns people are greeted with open arms. Some would say, “How can a town be like this?” This is just a figment of the Founder and Creator of Brook N’ Dell. Well, that is the way it is. All who come receive unconditional care. It is truly a special place.

So you ask, “What is the breaking news?”
We now have a new non-profit forming in our Village of Brook N’ Dell!”
The main mission of this non-profit is the seek out ways of providing up to date educational affiliations and provide resources to all visitors.

Right now we are located in the back office at Experiosity Spreadin’ Smile Place in Port Angeles, Washington. However, we will be moving this office to an unusual place which will be announced as it happens. In the meantime, We have a question.

“What type of educations resources are you looking for.”
“What type of training have you been looking for and not being able to locate.”

Let us know. Use the comment section.
So…until the next time, make sure you visit Experiosity Spreadin’ Smiles Blog…click here

Have a great day!

Resilience Living L.L.C.

We are on a Roll…Shop Opening in the Village


Welcome!  As you stroll down our Brook N’ Dell Avenue you will come to a special door.  It is the Experiosity Smilin’ Place Door.  There is much activity going on inside however, the passers-by would never know.  The windows cover a multitude of activities from Children’s Kid Corner for the little ones to a special gathering place for Smiley Note Cards.  We even now have an Art Gallery which is up.  It features Marie Brown’s Whimsical Art.  Visit our Performing Arts Building.  You will see much of her art on display.

Wait until the door opens.  Our hope will be that you will smile when you come in to visit and even purchase a special gift.  Maybe stay and just hang out.

In the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe on our website for the store…  We want everyone to be a part of this special shop!  You would not want to miss out receiving an invitation to our opening!

As ever…have a great day from Adele!  The Founding Creator of this Special Village called Brook N’ Dell. wishes you many special moments!




Spreadin’ Smiles is Growing at Brook N’ Dell


The Lily Tree is going to be seen by many at our new shop in Port Angeles, Washington.  If you are ever visiting Washington and the Olympic Peninsula we hope you will stop by.

This shop will be carrying special smilin’ packets, caps, tee shirts, and lots of smiley stickers for you to pass out to others.  The name of the shop is “The Experiosity Smilin’ Shop.”  Each quarter we will be doing different things in this little shop.  We will post our schedule on the activities.  Our opening date is around June 15, 2017.  The schedule will be right here on June 1, 2017,

Now, one thing that we will have to do is clean up some challenges.  We have had a serious hacking in our network.  All subscriptions will be deleted.  We are setting up a new subscription process that will provide the protection.  So when you receive this message in your email, you might not receive an email again until you enter a new subscription.  The deletion process in on-going as we have many subscribers however, it is the only thing we can do to provide security to our network.

We ask for your patience.  In the meantime, visit and

Have a great weekend.  Will be back on Monday with updates on what we are doing here at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

Adele Arnesen

Founder of Resilience Living, L.L.C.

Campaign Spreadin’ Smiles


Ignite Smiles to Brighten Our World!  The choice is ours.  To me there are two ways of looking at this.

  • “Just Be!”  Don’t take part in the world around us
  • “Must Be Part of the World and make a difference!”  Making a difference is just bringing out that smile.

Smiles  cause such a ripple effect.  Feel that  you can help make a positive difference.    Make the decision to join us and challenge people to Smile and thank people in making a difference with their smile.  Smiles are contagious.  The Campaign “Spreadin’ A Smile” has begun. to Celebrate Smiles!

Join us !  Go to our Spreadin’ A Smile Blog where I blog on all types of things that make us smile.  You can be a champion in this campaign by spreading this initiative in your schools, businesses and in your private life.  I found that I never felt so good until I spent time looking for people who smile.  Found that I smile more as I meet new friends I never even knew existed or would not have even noticed.

This blog also provides ways of bringing out a smile when challenges appear when we feel like we are in the dumps.  We can be Resilient!  Tools are available.  You probably have some tools already however, learn about more even tricks that we might have right in our pocket.  Visit the Spreadin’ A Smile Blog!

We need you.  Let me know what role you could play within this initiative.  Have fun with us!  So click on this link….Spreadin A Smile Blog and join.  Also, register, here, at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

Join our virtual family!  We are growing!  We welcome you to our special village, Brook N’ Dell. that has new roads and new sites coming your way.

So, click on the link above and learn more about our campaign  Read “About Us” link when you arrive.

Until later,

Adele Arnesen, Owner and Founder

Resilience Living, L.L.C

Resilience Living Connect

Yellowstone and You!


Posting and tweeting about Yellowstone! Asking the question …what does Yellowstone mean to you?Would love to hear from you! Putting together a survey which will be posted in and article. Names will not be used. Thank you for your support

Adele Arnesen, Founder and Creator of Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

Resilience Living Connect
Resilience Living Connect