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Maiden Launch – Maiden Voyage – What a Moment!


A Moment becomes a special visit with Tom, Tom’s Father and their friendEmery.  Thank you!  Visitors’ to this blog…please read the 4 comments about this special launch and the history of this boat.  Just press the word “4 comments” above.

Why this is noted as really special evolved from a close-up view of “The Drift Boat.”   There was something special about this boat.  Have seen them  on the river many times as they floated by; however, this boat glowed from the sun with a caught up feeling their was a story before me.  Guess what…there was.  Tom greeted both me and Gracie, my sidekick.  There was a proud smile on Tom’s face.  It was all about this moment.  The maiden launch and maiden voyage of this special drift boat.

Tom shared that his Dad just arrived from Washington State after completing this drift boat renovation.  Tom came in from Michigan near Lake Superior and friend, Emery, from Wisconsin, near the Mississippi.

Tom and friend, Emery, getting ready for their maiden voyage up the Yellowstone River

What a special moment in time for these 3 men.  I wish them great success in catching some handsome tasty trout however, there special moment together is the “real catch.”   The real catch of special moments together, enjoying their friendships, combined with the roll of this great environment …Paradise Valley, Montana and the Yellowstone River.

If you are seeking some special moments along the Yellowstone River.  There is nothing like Gray Owl launching area along the Yellowstone.  Just a mile away from O’Carroll’s Bed and Breakfast and Cabins.  Great place to stay and enjoy your fly fishing moments right in front of O’Carroll’s.

Learn more about this area, O’Carroll’s and additional resources and info below.

This area of Yellowstone:  Downstream from Yankee Jim Canyon, the river flows past the towns of Miner, Emigrant, Pray, Pine Creek, and Brisbin before entering Livingston. The stretch from just below Pray to Livingston is a wonderful and famous stretch. Rainbows and browns with quality hatches of insects and beautiful scenery make this an excellent piece of water. Floating is the first choice of most anglers although wade fishing is available in some parts. The section from Gardiner to Livingston is followed by Route 89.









Listen to Adele’s Archived ”In the Moment” Radio Broadcast-talks about The “Now” Challenge and Future plans


Come to Our Meeting

Adele Arnesen, Host of ” In the Moment” Radio Broadcast, Founder and Creator of Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village and In the Moment with Adele Blog shares the future plans of Resilience Living Connect which is the umbrella for the above sites and services.  There will also be an introduction to  The “Now” Project and “Now” Best Self Help Books On-line Services during the show.


Welcome to Resilience Living Connect

   Don’t miss this hour.  Plans, Schedules,  and New Services will all be shared with all listeners.  You have all been so supportive with our  broadcasts since June.  Due to all the favorable support we continue to grow.  Remember, you will be able to call in and share your thoughts and questions as well.  Adele will look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s meet! Let’s take a challenge together.


A Challenge will be Announced

Are you ready to take on a challenge?  A Challenge will be announced during the show.  It will be a fun challenge because it will bring us together to support one another.  Let’s make October a great kick off month to new beginnings and planning time for 2011.  It will all start now. 

 Come by at 11:30 am Thursday morning and join Adele on “In the Moment.”  

Think about this quote below.  This challenge will be focused on each of you.  It will be all around your dreams and your obstacles and tackling the Challenge with Resilience.  Support will be the key to this group and the success of the  challenge.   Read the quote below and think about what it means to you.   Do join me on Thursday at 11:30 am est

Registration Starts Right HereRegister Here

“Focused will is incredible. If you have a dream and you don’t give up no matter what obstacles come up, then life’s problems will fall away and you will get what you want. It happens. It works.”
Quote by Yanni

Listen Now to Radio Show with Psychologist, Dr. Bill Crawford…Get Rid of Chaos in your Life

Dr. Bill Crawford, Psychologist, Author, "In the Moment" Radio Guest

Don’t Miss Dr. Bill Crawford, guest on Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village Radio Show.

Dr. Bill helps us. I can vouch for this. I have seen groups of people glued to every word Dr. Bill throws out to us to catch and make it our own. He enlightens all listeners on how they can process their thoughts and tackle their challenges. He shows how one can use their brain with their heart and working together changes in to the view of the world take place. Change in the way to react to challenges with an enlightened attitude develops clarity and control in the daily life activities.

Just a “brain” shift and “You” will react differently
Experience improved performance in your life
Shift from surviving to thriving
Experience “Clarity” in your life rather having “Confusion.”

Dr. Bill Crawford’s latest book

Dr. Bill Crawford works with …




Even golfers trying to improve their scores.

His work will make a difference in your life both business and personal. You do not want to miss this interview and learn about this phenominal work. Read testimonials by many on outcomes people realized from Dr. Bill Crawford’s work…http://www.billcphd.com/testimonials.php

As one attendee said about one of Dr. Bill Crawford’s seminars…

“I really enjoyed Dr. Bill’s talk. His energy is contagious. I bought the 2 audio tapes and have listened to them in my vehicle numerous times since. I am very excited to receive his quotes via email also. I think he has found an approach to life in general that will help me cope with the multiple stressors of life!”

– Nicole Kirouac-Elke, NC
Winnipeg Children’s Hospital
Manitoba, CANADA

Learn how you can change from reacting and surviving to becoming a positive clear thinker.
Learn that you can bring out that creative genius inside of you.
Get rid of that fear,
Roll up your sleeves
Catch that next big wave that is coming your way.
Join Dr. Bill Crawford, my guest, on “In the Moment” Blog Talk Radio Broadcast, Thursday at 11:30. Your eyes will be opened to how you can make the change on how you see and react to the world around you. With this shift you can learn how to have “power” in your life. The power that will come from inside. Learn to handle your challenges creatively and be the “ultimate performer” in all that you do

Don’t you think you deserve to have the energy to take on that new big wave in your life you have always wanted? We certainly do at “In the Moment” and The Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

Tune in. Join us! We will be waiting for you! You are important to us!

Send us a message while listening to our show…info@inthemomentwithadele.com
We look forward to receiving your emails during the program asking questions that come up as you listen to Dr. Bill Crawford. Calls will not be taken during this broadcast however, you are important to the show. Your emails will be answered within 24 hours.

May this week be a week of new beginnings! Let “In the Moment” help! Our work is to support your needs. Also, visit https://www.brookndellvirtualvillage.com where we reside virtually. Much is going on here. Teleclasses are about to begin. Sign up today and be a part of the next wave of opportunity Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village offers to you. We are growing every day. Join us!

Radio Anyone? Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village will Broadcast “IntheMoment”


So Excited? Oh…Yes! Yes! Yes!

Have been waiting to Broadcast A “Live” Radio Program from Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

The Title of Radio Broadcast is “Living In The Moment.” 

 All the blogs that have been written and pages found within “In the Moment with Adele” and within Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village are to enlighten the visitor with resources, tools and people who are there to support you in bringing happiness in your heart.  Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village Blog Talk Radio Broadcast’s main mission is to provide that one on one conversation with our listeners.   It is our intention for the Blog Posts and pages to come alive and jump from the pages into each and every broadcast.  The stories, resources and events around Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village will have more meaning.  

The main emphasis of “In the Moment” broadcast will be promoting staying in the moment.  

  •                                    Not venturing back in time …
  •                                    Nor jump starting on the future and what it might be like.

The emphasis of the program will be to stay in the “NOW!”  Stay “In the Moment.” Learn to feel…Learn the *Magic* is all around NOW…”In the Moment.”  You will learn how to discover who you are and to celebrate how you can accomplish so much by being in the present moment.  You will begin to  learn and really feel all that is around us with new meaning.  You will learn how to feel from the depth of  your heart and how special you are.

People from all aspects of life will be coming by to chat with us. It will be a time to learn how others have made it…and are truly living their passion. You will learn it is not easy. We will hear stories on how people had to work their way through challenges  We will have coaches coming by to talk about their niche in helping people find their passion and live fully.  

Oh..we will have fun doing this. Tools will be shared for you to apply to your day’s journey during each broadcast.

Do know ….you will be able to call in or email a question while we are on the air. This is all for you…For you to live life with passion.   This is all for you to have a  “Resilient Life.”   It all happens while you are “Living in the Moment.”

Check the time and date.  We will be waiting for you to join us. Please spread the word.

In the meantime have many Magical Moments living with passion!

Leave a comment about what you would like us to include on one of the shows.  

Until our first broadcast… “Live in the Moment”  on July 1 at 11:30 you will experience life in the “NOW” and feel the magic and power.

Remember…you deserve to show us your best…your gifts…your passion!  Remember when your heart starts to sing…your smile will light up the world.  You will find you can make a difference!

                                                                            Meet us on Blog Talk Radio…”In the Moment.”  


Look forward for you to become a friend of “In the Moment.”   You will hear me there.  Have a great week!


Father’s Day…We Embrace You and Thank You for Your Support!


Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village


All Fathers

We want you to know you are special the world over.  While you are here please look around.  Visit our Art Gallery, visit our Shoppes.  This is a village which is expanding every day.  Please share our village with friends.  Our Radio Program will be beginning next week.  Come back and you can listen to our broadcast at you leisure whenever you want to take a break. 

Have a Great Day, Dear Fathers!  You wear the armor that helps us take on the challenges as we step out into the world.  Your support we salute!


While you are here join us!  This service is complimentary.  We would love to have you join us for our events and our discussions.  You can either sign up by providing us with your email and joining our forum as well.  We will be sponsoring many people making a difference.  You are probably one of those people.  Look forward to meeting you on the otherside when you visit our forum while we share in helping one another. 

Again, Happy Father’s Day!