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Happy Memorial Day!


Our Grand Old Flag

Traditional observance (From Wikipedia)

Many people observe Memorial Day by visiting cemetaries and memorials. A national moment of remembrance takes place at 3 p.m. local time. Another tradition is to fly the flag of the United States  at half-staff from dawn until noon local time. Volunteers often place American flags on each grave site at National Cemeteries.

One of the longest-standing traditions is the running of the Indianapolis 500, an auto race which has been held in conjunction with Memorial Day since 1911. It runs on the Sunday preceding the Memorial Day holiday. The Coca-Cola 600 stock car race has been held later the same day since 1961. The Memorial Day golf event has been held on or close to the Memorial Day weekend since 1976.

Because Memorial Day is generally associated with the start of the summer season, it’s common tradition to inaugurate the outdoor cooking season on Memorial Day with a barbeque.

The National Memorial Day Concert takes place on the west lawn of the United State Capitol. The concert is broadcast on PBS and NPR. Music is performed, and respect is paid to the men and women who gave their lives for their country.

Yellowstone Here I Come!


A Special Wildlife Treasure Chest is about to open!  Animals, Plants and a Special Land along with many Special People will be the key ingredients to this special adventure that is about to unfold.

Old Faithful
Hiking The Yellowstone Trails
Bears...Bears...Bears and More

As a Resilience Living Professional my coaching extends from helping clients with personal goals such as the clutter in their life to bringing out the passion in their business life to having “Love” in their life and crossing bridges to new opportunities.  Each day unique treasures unfold before their eyes as these precious people begin to see that special unique quality that is all their own.  

Treasures can be found all over as we step into every moment of every day.  Leaping into the unknown to find these treasures brings meaing into our lives.   With this said, “Life is an Adventure.”  We really need to remember this.  

  So, I have decided to do just that.  I am going on an adventure to Yellowstone National Park!!!!!  I will be there all summer! 

 Just the planning alone on choosing where I am going to stop along the road has opened up so many doors to supportive people.  I have talked to people in Amarillo, TX. Colorado Springs, Co., Cheyenne, WY., Evanston, WY., and Island Park, ID.  The photos and activities alone that I am reading about are setting the stage for a summer not to be forgotten. 

So, if you care to join me virtually and I do hope you do, send me your email address and I will make sure you receive my blog along the way.  You can also come back to Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village, as well, and enjoy my photographic journey as it unfolds before my eyes and those of my side-kick, Gracie. 

Send your email address to ResilienceLiving@gmail.com.  Remember. Your email will not be shared.

Look forward to maybe seeing you there as well.  I will be staying at the Lake Area within Yellowstone.  So, there are lot’s more to come as I set the plans into action.  Wishing you  Happy Travelin’ as well!

As an added note:  Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village brings to visitors much support, resources and stories.  Links will be provided as I start my adventure. 

So Come Back, You hear!  Lookin’ Forward to you coming along virtually on this incredible journey.  Maybe will even go geocaching.


If you are not sure where you will be traveling, our affiliate, Maps.Com can help. 10% of proceeds will be donated to charity. Many “Free” Items available for you, your family and school. Enjoy! Hope I do meet you in

The World's Largest Online Map Store!

What is Success? Loving Who You Are?


The Moments of Success

People the world over live to see their hopes and dreams become a reality. Can we experience our successes of today and realize that this will lead us to our hopes and dreams of tomorrow?   I decided to start researching this question.  There is a quote from the Proverbs 19:8  “He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; he who cherishes understanding prospers.”

As a coach, I find that so many people I meet with and discuss the topic “success”  our conversation seems to revolve all around ” money ” and what freedom it can bring to our family and our professional life worth.   Can you relate to this?  During your day do you ask yourself the question,  “I want what the  Jones’ down the street have.”   Or, better yet, say, “I will be truly successful when I am better than the Jones.  This image will truly represent success.  I will feel so powerful.”

Does this scenario sound familiar to either you and your family or remind you of your friends and colleagues?  Oh to have more money to buy a bigger car, have a larger home, freedom from debt, beautiful clothes and accessories.  Or…I will have the chance to do what I love and have all of the above.  I might even travel around the world.   As the saying goes, If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

I have been researching what authors are saying about this.   In terms of being your own boss and taking control of your life, developing a financial stream to bring you a 6 figure income is only part of it.

Success can also be thought of in terms of what we bring into our life on a daily basis.    I believe the words of “The Old Cherokee” gives us food for thought on the important ingredients in being Successful in our life.

Two Wolves Story:

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a

battle that goes on inside people.

He said, “My son, the battle is between two “Wolves” inside us all.

One wolf is evil-–he is fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret,

greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies,

false pride, competition, superiority, and ego.

The other is Good —

It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy,

generosity, truth, compassion and faith.

The Grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which Wolf wins?”

The Elder simply replied, “The one you feed.”


So, dear friends, when we set out each day let us celebrate our Success with

joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy,

generosity, truth, compassion and faith.

Protecting “Our” Children and Our Selves from Nature Deficit Disorder” with Dave Van Manen


Welcome Dave Van Manen to “In the Moment” – Our Blog Talk Radio Broadcast to talk about Protecting Our Children and Our Selves

Dave Van Manen, Director of the Mountain Park Environmental Center. Beulah, CO

by making a difference in preserving our planet for “NOW” and for the “FUTURE.”  Listen to Dave’s Interview this Thursday at 11:30 EST on “In the Moment” Blog Talk Radio Show with Host, Adele Arnesen of Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village and Resilience Living Connect.

With the efforts and vision of Dave Van Manen the “Mountain Park Environmental Center Center” in Beulah, Colorado has evolved to provide all of us an unbelievable outdoor classroom.  Accommodations are also available now for the touring family, couples and individuals.  Please watch and listen to Dave Van Manen as he shares his love with you…The Mountains of Beulah Colorado, its’ inhabitants and the surrounding natural beauty located on our planet.

MPEC is awarded the 2010 Stewardship Award

Thank you so much Dave Van Manen for making a difference for our young people, for helping out the local economy and opening up a place for all of us to enjoy and learn about our life here on this planet.

Here are some more links to learn about the Mountain Park Environmental Center and Dave Van Manen.

Click here to hike and learn with Dave Van Manen at the Mountain Park Environmental Center.

and read Dave’s Blog Below!

Let’s join Ranger Dave and share our wonderful “free” planet gifts with our children.  We might enjoy it too!

Planting the seeds for Toddlers in taking care of our planet and having fun on the mountainside

“Capture Your Life” in the Colorado Mtns with Master Coach Helene Van Manen – This is for Everyone! Learn the Importance of Learning to “Be” which leads to a Productive, Resilient and Happy Life.

 We will happily find time to answer your questions.  


Helene Invites you to Colorado to Capture Your Life! Her hubby, Dave, Director of the Mountain Park Environmental Center

Our “In the Moment” Broadcast invites you join me to learn about how Retreats should be a part of our year’s activities. We will learn how we can benefit by getting in touch with who we are as individuals from inside out. It also provides us a time to learn to relate to others on a new level of awareness. As we approach 2011 let’s learn and plan a retreat as a group. Let’s learn about retreats, journaling and meditation and how all of these ingredients when brought together can  help us broaden out lens to unbelievable possibiities in 2011. There are all different types of retreats. Some require some travel time others do not.

Retreat Master ...Helene Van Manen leads us to our uniqueness!

Join me as we  visit with Helene Van Manen, who is known the world over as “The Retreat Coach” and is a Master  Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation and the Founder of www.RetreatCoaches.com.  Contact us in advance with any questions you might have at info@inthemomentwithadele.com

Earth Woman, Helene with Retreat Participants

Let’s Use Our Imagination…What Ideas Do You Have? Listen to Thoughts on this. Let me know Yours

You Are On Candid Camera

Today is the day to ignite our imagination.  Your imagination and mine.  This is definitely a journey where we need to join together to promote our passionate ideas.  So let’s begin….

The First Thing I would like you to do is listen to my broadcast …Just click on the blog talk radio button on the left.  During this broadcast I share my passion and my thoughts and ideas about each of us.  

Step Two – Please click on the picture below of M. S. Murwin, Nation’s 17 Poet Laureate.  The highlight of his interview  with PBS is about the Power of Imagination

W. S. Merwin, Nation’s 17th Poet Laureate

Step 3:  What do you wish for…What are your Ideas.  Think about the Imaginary Life I shared during the broadcast.  What is yours.  Ask yourself what you can do to be purposeful and adding a part of that life into your life today.

Step 4:  Draw a circle – Place yourself inside the circle and list names of all the people who support you and your ideas.  Outside the circle who are fearful of what you are doing and do not support the uniqueness of your work.  Remember, I talked about building the bridge within your circle and what might happen.  You just might have one of the fearful censors following you over that bridge.  Try it and see.  Remember, you have many supporters and that includes me

Step 5:  I am here for you.  I provide that support as your professional coach.  I have others who coach as well as those who have been challenged and are living the Resilience Living Lifestyle.  I invite you to join the NOW Challenge.  So invite you to learn more about it right now.  Look above on this page.  Look for the word “NOW.”  Click on that navigation bar.  It will take you to the link to receive your invitation to this Challenge.  You deserve to be on this Challenge.  It is all about you.  You can go at your own pace and you will have my support all along the way.  You will also see the drop down links to other pages.  Some pages are protected however, the last link is open for you to read.  Please visit that link as well. 

Step 6:  Let’s Imagine you are already taking the NOW Challenge…Ideas are coming…People are coming into your life to support you.  Let’s write about what you would hope it would look like.  So…relax, meditate for at least 3 minutes and then sit down wherever you are comfortable and write and draw all about what you see as you imagine.  This is your time.  You are on Candid Camera.  I am excited! I hope you are too!  If you still need a push view this….The Push.  Hope to hear from you …Until then,

                        Best to you in all your “Special Moments! 


Resilience Living Connect Founder

Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village Creator

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Val Marshall shares Her Journey as Her Son Battles Leukemia.

The Marshall Family

Val Marshal joins me to share the journey she and her family are on as their 17 year old son battles the supreme Cancer Battle on our Broadcast.  The Blog Talk Radio Button is on the left<<<<<.  Just sit back and listen to quite a story of a Special Family with an enormous Challenge.  Val has so much to share. I will also let you know she definitely  Addison Marshallprovides us many uplifting moments on how her family has taken the positive road in this cancer battle. Val Marshall shares some background to our interview: Addison, her son, was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia on May 29, 2009. He had been complaining about his ribs hurting and x-rays proved that several were cracked. We thought his rib injury was the result of Spring football but in actuality his spleen was inflamed, thus cracking his ribs. Our Family Doctor drew blood and within 24 hours we began the Cancer Journey of our lives. Addie’s strength of character has illuminated the path and given us hope and guidance to fight this demon with integrity and patience. This is a program of strength and courage of a family who Live Each Day “In The Moment.” This is a program you will want to listen to more than once.  This broadcast shows what Resilience Living is all about.  They are definitely awarded the Resilience Living Award.  We all can learn from their actions on how to attack challenges and make a difference!

Val Marshall writes about her son, Addie, and their families journey.  Visit http://www.addisonmarshallcrushcancer.org to visit Val Marshall’s Blogs she has posted as Addie attacks his Cancer full out. What a family! What a Mission they have to battle this tremendous challenge and WIN! God’s Blessings on this Fight!  Also visit http://www.carepages.com/carepages/AddieCakeChronicles

Addie Marshall Supporters during a special event in the National Forest

Also please visit our Ed Ctrs. here at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.  You will find a list of links under the Body Center to learn more about Leukemia.  Also, Visit MD Anderson Cancer Center at http://www.mdanderson.org/ and learn about the phenominal services this hospital provides and why people come from all over the world to find help for family members. 

                  Additional Note:         As the Marshall’s have been challenged and are fighting it head on the costs are extreme.  People and groups have been coming forward to help the Marshall’s in all different ways.  Many have been involved in events to raise money for Addie’s costs.  Others have come forth and deliver delicious dinners.  They want to thank all these giving people.  It truly has shown a community coming together. 

As they share all these great gifts that have extended to the Marshall’s Val wants you to know that she is an entrepreneur and owns her own organization business.  To learn more about Val’s work please visit her website.  No project is to small or too big.  Do call her if you live in the Houston area.  Her patience and caring ways can be greatly beneficial in bringing organization into your life.  So remember Val …visit her website and learn more  at http://www.prioritize2organize.net/

“Aging Well” Professional Coach, Beth Cole, shares her work on “Living with Exuberance!”


“Aging Well” Professional Coach Beth Cole joined me 9/9 on “In the Moment” Blog Talk Radio Broadcast…The broadcast is available right now! Click on the blog talk radio button to your left, sit back and listen.

Aging Well and Curiosity have shown that they go hand in hand in living a full life.  A recent study showed a group who lived over 100 had a predominent common thread. They were all curious.  Beth Cole, our friend and Professional Coach will join us to share more about Aging Well.

"Aging Well" Professional Coach, Beth Cole

Beth says, “My passion is guiding people to be exuberant about their present and to gleefully plan and execute a future of great fulfillment. It’s about Aging Well. Emily Dickinson wrote, “We turn not older with the years, but newer every day.”

Is there a better goal than being newer every day? Have you said to yourself a thousand times, “I know what to do but I just don’t do it?” I know, I know – we are inundated with information about the aging process and healthy aging and wouldn’t it be great to have the support and encouragement you need to process it?”

This sharing moment will be filled with so much excitement on life and living well…aging well.  Join me this Thursday at 11:30 EST

Please visit our “Aging Well” Coach, Beth Cole, on her website at http://www.agingwellcoach.com/.  You can sign up for a subscription to Beth’s “Aging  Well Tips.”

Also, visit and learn more about Beth, here, at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.  We will be providing some of Beth’s wonderful monthly messages to support what she wants all of us to be…Have a Fulfilling Life and “Live in the Moment.”  Click here for Beth’s “Aging Well Tips” and Message

Book Recommendations: 

Ken Unger talks about his work with People’s Transformation and Healing


Ken Unger


 America’s Soul Doctor

Ken Unger, Transformation and Healing Your Pain






 shares how his own healing journey on our “In the Moment” Blog Talk Radio Broadcast this Thurs.   On this broadcast, Ken Unger, shares what led him to the insights that have transformed so many lives.  From his own healing journey he learned to integrate theology and psychology in practical ways that have impacted thousands of people through his books, retreats, seminars and Ezine. He’ll share how his new book, The Ultimate Breakthrough – Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain, has helped so many people go beyond self-help to self healing. It’s literally a book that’s proven to help people heal the brokenness that sabotages lives. He’ll share the simple methods he recommends to help you heal the core pain that keeps you from being all you can be. He says, ‘If you have an emotional problem you need an emotional solution.’ Based on his belief that ‘if you heal the pain you don’t need aspirin,’ he also describes the stories of those who are no longer addicted, overweight, or bound up in relational prisons of anger, rage and abuse – the same methods that helped him overcome his own stubborn problems and flaws. His vulnerable style and fascinating anecdotes will inspire you to seek your own Ultimate Breakthrough. Finally, he’ll share practical things you can do to achieve that. 


Visit Ken Unger’s Website at http://transformationincorporated.com/ 


Artist, Nancy Asbell’s interview is archived …what lessons to learn

Artist, Nancy Asbell

Join Nancy Asbell and Host, Adele Arnesen of In The Moment as they talk about Nancy’s Lupus and how this “Challenge” forced her into an “art career” only to reclaim what she lost and now can claim she has it all!  Learn what happened. 

This is a story that will challenge you to look at your own challenges and know that with the right attitude we can endure and prosper.

You do not want to miss this interview.  So much to learn!

Remember all of our radio broadcasts are archived so if you are busy on the 25th at 11 am you can come back here at a later time and play back the interview.  The blog talk radio button is on the left hand side.  Just choose any or all of the broadcasts.  You will find the broadcasts are uplifting!  All about becoming a better YOU!  Remember you already are.  You just have to look inside and let the sunshine on your gifts. 

Just Remember…Stay “In the Moment” and realize you are special!

Have a great week and share your thoughts about Nancy and how it has helped you. 

Nancy shares some of the contents of her “Resilient Life Tool Box”.  Books that have and continue to inspire her to take each day with an “In the Moment” Attitude.  Review the books Nancy suggests you read as well. 

(To Order just click on your choice and Amazon.com will prepare your order)  Remember:  A Portion of the proceeds will be donated to Lupus Foundation.  In advance thank you!

Join Nancy at this following special event in Jacksonville. This event is being sponsored by the Jacksonville American Pen Women.

The Timuquana Country Club 

Saturday, September 11, 2010 

at 10AM

Our guest speaker will be well known Jacksonville artist and musician, Nancy Asbell.


Thank you, Nancy, for all your support to all of us! You definitely win the Resilience Living Award! You are Happy from Inside Out! You are a “Dare to Care” recipient of our thank you’s for all you do in giving yourself to others.  Blessing to you always!