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Alert…Getting Outside!


Alert…Getting Outside!   It is healthy!  Just an hour can be a wake-up call for us!  (Below … a visit to Ediz Hook}

Have you ever said to yourself, “I just don’t have time!”  There is just so much to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you remember that feeling?  I used to think like that many times as I was in the midst of some of many projects.

The last post, I wrote, presents such soothing music, “Somewhere in Time.”  When I play this it reminds me to live in the moment..and this is the only moment I have, right now, to connect with so many things…my work, my life…taking steps on my vision and dreams for the future.

I know and remind myself with words that I say to myself quite often…”Adele, It is what you do now, in this present moment, that will bring good things in the future.    Remember this!  All things will come in time.”  However, when my “here and now” seems to be a bit stressed, I try to take steps to unwind.  Nature is usually my answer.  Muir, Emerson, Thoreau and many others have written about our beloved outdoors and did not get it wrong.

So..When my “here and now” seems to be a bit stressed, I try to take steps to unwind.  Nature is usually my answer.  Muir, Emerson, Thoreau and many others have written about or beloved outdoors and did not get it wrong.

Do you have these feelings?  Come and take a break with me.  Join me for a moment…let’s go outside.  Let’s go to Ediz Hook!  Enjoy!

Have a Great Moment in Time today!


In The Moment Broadcast…Through the Eye’s of a Child Part 2


Experiosity Tree House StudioExperiosity Tree House Studio

Did you miss our broadcast.  Please join us …the broadcast is available below.  Our topic will be all around looking at things all around us with the Eye’s of a child. We will visit ideas on opening up the world to Curious Moments. How our view of this present moment can be the key to Resilience Living. Join us!…


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Resilience Living Connect
Resilience Living

This Broadcast “In The Moment” is brought to you by Resilience Living, L.L.C.

Living with Nature in Our Life-Photos from Yellowstone


Enjoy our broadcast – including A Bit of Yellowstone with A Photo Journal from today’s visit.

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We hope you will share your experiences as you enjoy Nature in your area of the world. Please write to us at Resilienceliving@outlook.com. If you would like a list of places to visit just provide us within your email where you live and we will send you some ideas.

visit our Experiosity Website and “You Tube Resources” we use to bring nature into our life as we work on the computer and at the Experiosity Tree House…Enjoy The Sounds of Nature…We hope you will find that this brings a calmness and a good feeling of the Natural world at your doorstep.

This is brought to you by Resilience Living, LLC and the Experiosity Project.

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Resilience Living Connect

Join us on our Radio Show…”In the Moment” – Guest, NPR Radio Personality, T.J. Starr


Listen to our radio show all about life and just enjoying today.  It will surprise you on how living and being involved with just the moments of “Today” opens your eyes to great things, great ideas, sites you may have missed before.  Then, call in to our show and share what you have experienced by Living “NOW.”  

T. J, Starr, Host of Saturday’s Show on Sunday on NPR is my guest this evening.  I do hope you go to the left and listen to my interview with T. J.

You can also connect with T.J. Starr by visiting his website or visiting his radio show at radio show and look for Sunday’s listing.  His show airs at 3 pm mountain time.  Wherever you live on this earth you can enjoy T.J. Starr.

Also, don’t miss T.J. Starr’s facebook fan page is …  T. J. Starr’s Cheap Seats to enjoy more of his creative writing and sharing.

Do leave a message for T,J.  He would just love to hear from you.

T.J. mentioned a book by Daisy Ashford.  A book worth reading…  It is still available on Amazon.com.

Living for Today…will bring you a treasure box filled with

If you are having a concern about accessing this interview here is a direct link to the broadcast

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great things.   Try it…You never will know until you try it.  Is that not the truth!!?

Write and share about your findings and send to Resilienceliving@outlook.com.  We call this way of living …Having Experiosity Moments.  Visit our Experiosity Website at http://www.experiosity.com/.   You will find lots of resources for all ages and more.  You even have a chance to be an Experiosity Reporter.  Join us now!

Join Us with a march on Nature right from your own back yard!
Join Us with a march on Nature right from your own back yard!

Music clips on In the Moment provided by Partners in Rhyme – Thank you

Spring In Yellowstone Country

American Bison

A bit of snow mixed with rain and than the sun comes out.  I just visited a dear new friend here in Paradise Valley and she said when ever anyone complains about the weather you just respond with the comment “Just wait a Moment.”  How true it is.  When you come for a visit you will be so amazed that if your day starts out with miserable weather…you will probably have a chance for experiencing a beautiful day.  

Since it is May there is hope that there will be lots of precipitation before summer.   Finding out that it is so important to have lots of water, I learned that it will help prevent forest fires.   

I hope you will come and join us in Yellowstone this year.  Will be moving back into Yellowstone National Park this week.  As I will be working with the Yellowstone Association the opportunity to share some meaningful information and exciting experiences will be coming your way.  Please let me know by sending me a comment on questions you might have.  

Have a great day and will be back soon.

Maiden Launch – Maiden Voyage – What a Moment!


A Moment becomes a special visit with Tom, Tom’s Father and their friendEmery.  Thank you!  Visitors’ to this blog…please read the 4 comments about this special launch and the history of this boat.  Just press the word “4 comments” above.

Why this is noted as really special evolved from a close-up view of “The Drift Boat.”   There was something special about this boat.  Have seen them  on the river many times as they floated by; however, this boat glowed from the sun with a caught up feeling their was a story before me.  Guess what…there was.  Tom greeted both me and Gracie, my sidekick.  There was a proud smile on Tom’s face.  It was all about this moment.  The maiden launch and maiden voyage of this special drift boat.

Tom shared that his Dad just arrived from Washington State after completing this drift boat renovation.  Tom came in from Michigan near Lake Superior and friend, Emery, from Wisconsin, near the Mississippi.

Tom and friend, Emery, getting ready for their maiden voyage up the Yellowstone River

What a special moment in time for these 3 men.  I wish them great success in catching some handsome tasty trout however, there special moment together is the “real catch.”   The real catch of special moments together, enjoying their friendships, combined with the roll of this great environment …Paradise Valley, Montana and the Yellowstone River.

If you are seeking some special moments along the Yellowstone River.  There is nothing like Gray Owl launching area along the Yellowstone.  Just a mile away from O’Carroll’s Bed and Breakfast and Cabins.  Great place to stay and enjoy your fly fishing moments right in front of O’Carroll’s.

Learn more about this area, O’Carroll’s and additional resources and info below.

This area of Yellowstone:  Downstream from Yankee Jim Canyon, the river flows past the towns of Miner, Emigrant, Pray, Pine Creek, and Brisbin before entering Livingston. The stretch from just below Pray to Livingston is a wonderful and famous stretch. Rainbows and browns with quality hatches of insects and beautiful scenery make this an excellent piece of water. Floating is the first choice of most anglers although wade fishing is available in some parts. The section from Gardiner to Livingston is followed by Route 89.









“Being Able to Bend”..Guest Artist, Sandra Baker-Hinton shares her challenge to paint!

Visit with Sandra Baker-Hinton on our “In the Moment” Radio Broadcast archived from Aug. 5th.  What life lessons and tools she will share.  Her tools will definitely prove that we should live for “NOW”…in the moment!  It is the only time we really have to make a difference.  Sandra has and continues each day in making a difference.  Hear her story! 
Artist, Sandra Baker-Hinton

I thought of a metaphor  Willow trees can bend because of its flexibility but the beautiful ornamental pears just break, split apart, & must be cut down when a strong storm hits.
Sandra shares her life’s journey similar to the flexility of a Willow Tree.  Join Sandra & learn how she has always felt strongly about her love of art since her childhood.As she followed her passion to be an artist she always looked for opportunities to pursue her career even in small ways as she raised her childreno finding watercolor classes to attend. This path le her to her career as a professional artist. She founded the local Chattanooga cooperative which almost 40 years later still in operation.  It was during this time she learned valuable business lessons that are important for an artist to learn.

Amelia San Jon Gallery

In 2002 Sandra moved to Amelia Island.  It was only failure that led her to make this move,everyday she is so thankful for what seemed like the worst possible thing to be such a positive step in her life.Sandra says,”I think that this is one of the lessons in life.” 
During our interview Sandra will share how her challenges have made something good come as a result of bad.She says,”You can’t learn if you don’t fail sometimes.The greatest lesson in life is to land on your feet,adjust your direction with the options you have and don’t dwell on the past.”Sandra will share about her challenges & her lessons that lead her to say, “We have but one chance and we have gotta play it for what its worth.  We have to remember any decisions we made behind us were made with the best information we had at the time.  There is no 20-20 vision when looking ahead.  No second guessing what you choose to do.”

Sea Turtle

As Sandra shares her unbelievable story with us she will tell us how these challenges helped her to continue to pursue her career and become a well-known artist and the owner of her own gallery, The Amelia SanJon Gallery.  She will even share about her love and involvement with the Sea Turtle.