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Welcome to The “Age”  Center

and Our “Concierge Desk” here at the Center

This is our Index of Contributors and Links to help you learn what this center provides.


You have arrived at the Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village “Age” Center where you will meet individuals and groups who work around the topic “Age.” 

We have Our Special “Aging Well” Coach, Beth Cole who contributes important words on living a fulfilling life. 

 We have a special group who shares important information and dialogue all around different ages working together.  This is a Linked In  Group called Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

As we research this important topic we will continue to share additional individuals and groups who we feel are worthy for you get to know as well as information reading we recommend.   You will find this information by clicking on our “Age” Resource Link below.


 Lists of Contributors & Groups  

 (Click on name of Contributor or Group and you will be directed to their room right here at The Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village)

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