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Welcome to Home and Family Resources

This Section within the Education and Business Center provides resources to answer needs in the area of Your Home and Family.

Our 1st Resource is Our Village Organizer, Val Marshall. 

 You can get to know Val by listening to our visit on “In the Moment” Radio Broadcast.  Just click on the Blog Talk Radio Button, take out a pen and paper and take notes on Val’s Tips to Organize your Home. 

Click on Player to listen to Val Marshall and Getting Organized

You can visit Val Marshall’s Web Site for more information.  Click on the living room below.


Val Marshall is a Member of NAPO









Prioritize 2 Organize is a business specializing in professionally organizing your home environment. The owner, Val, uses a non-judgmental and nurturing system of organizing that can alleviate stress and frustration in your life. Get back the life you have worked so hard to attain.

Relationships are part of Family and Home.

  Here are resources for you to read and we hope will be helpful to you regarding relationships


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