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The Mission of this Resource Page is to provide links to resources that are available to support the education of each child in your care. 

There are two types of resources…

  • Links to postings from people, here, at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village
  •  Links to resources found around the Virtual World

All of these resources will be pertinent to our children

and support our role as facilitators in igniting the beauty and gifts that are within all our children.


There are many quotations about what is really important about the education of our children and our role as the facilitators in igniting their “Love” of Learning.  Here is a quote that I think is so appropriate to the mission at Brook N’ Dell Village in supporting the education of our children at Imagination Island.

 “Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.” -W.B. Yeats

Links to Specific Articles:


 Links to Resources we recommend

Make sure you join My PBS Parents that you will find on the link above.   All the shows can be used within your lessons with your children.  As the Educational Coordinator at Houston PBS I engaged many childcare providers in learning how to utilize the snipits from the shows to further their learning.   You will find so many tools for your use on this site and links within this site.

Also, I am sure that any PBS station near you is providing workshops you can attend.  You probably will be able to receive CEU credits for your attendance.  Just give them a call.

If you have any further questions please contact me,Adele Arnesen, at Resilience Living which is the umbrella for Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village Project at  As a certified and former owner/director of a preschool my love of education and developing learning activities has always been and always will be an exciting part of my life.  Love to create and would love to support your needs.  Let me hear from you. I am ready to help!  If you have a favorite link that my team and I might like to include as a resource please send the link as well along with a message on how it has helped you. 

I want to also make sure that all the people from around the world who visit Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village are invited to join us in supporting our youth.  We include all of you in supporting your needs and providing info if needed on a specific topic.  However, we also would love to hear about what you are doing and learn from you as well.  Education of our children is a global effort!

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