Special Charity Event Jun 12



Flying Without Wings

Dear Friends,

Brook N’ Dell Village presents a special event at the Amelia SanJon Gallery in Fernandina Beach Florida. The event is sponsored by the Amelia SanJon Gallery and is presenting the art of Marie Brown…a resident artist, here, at the Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

This event is special…Portion of the proceeds will be going to the Hope Chest Foundation. The Hope Chest Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization. The main goal of the foundation is to protect the abused and neglected horse at the Cheers Ranch. The Hope Chest Foundation is the recipient of your donations. Deb Manser, Founder of the Hope Chest Foundation, takes in abused and neglected horses and provides them a nurturing love that hopefully will bring them back to health. Her work has been on-going for years. Now with the Hope Chest Foundation she can even do more. Your donations will help in carrying on this work.  Remember the costs to just take care of one horse includes hay, shots, shoes, etc.  We need your help.

June 12th from 10-5 you are invited to this special event which is also called Second Saturday at the Amelia SanJon Gallery. The village of Fernandina Beach welcomes you as we do. We look forward to your visit.  Also…Special Reception following the day (5:30-8:30)…called Artrageous Art Walk will celebrate “The Horse” and “Hope Chest Foundation” and Horse Artists, Marie Brown and Nancy Asbell.   Refreshments will be served.

For additional information on the Hope Chest Foundation visit http://www.cheerhorseranch.com/.

For additional information on the Amelia SanJon Gallery visit http://www.ameliasanjongallery.com/

To view the art of Marie Brown please visit the Village Shop here at Brook N’ Dell Village and view the greeting cards and prints that are offered. Special greeting card gift boxes will be available as well as separate cards and prints on June 12th at Amelia SanJon Gallery. If you can not make the trip…any orders received at the Brook N’ Dell Village Shop from today through June 12th a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Hope Chest Foundation.

In advance we thank you!

If you have any questions please provide us a comment and we will respond to your request.

Have a great day and thank you for caring!

Adele Arnesen, Founder and Caretaker of the Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village

*****  Map and Directions to the event follows the Calendar below