Life in Montana


As I research what is happening in Montana for the year 2012, here are some links to look at. Click on the titles to follow the links.  Most subject areas all have links for you.  Great info for planning.

Wildlife in Montana:

Info and Wildlife Courses at the Yellowstone Association, Gardiner, MT (northwest entrance to Yellowstone National Park):     

Living and working in and around Yellowstone, the center of the wide open valley between the Gallatin and Absaroka Mountain ranges – The wilderness surrounds us. We are not too far from  Art Galleries, Yellowstone National Park, Chico Hot Springs, Absaroka Dog Sleds (in winter), Fly Fishing and more.  If you are a photographer, the sunrises and sunsets will astound you if you have not been here before…and that is just touching the tip of the iceberg setting your plans into action on what you will want to do when you plan your stay here in Montana.

After viewing all the activities and links send us an email at  We will help you with your plans including places to stay.


The list below represents some of the organizations and people we are associated with. They are listed by categories.  This list is growing as it is our mission to bring Yellowstone Country to you .


Fly Fishing and Fishing Supplies



Knoll’s Fly Fishing School


Swimming and Spas


Chico Hot Springs Resort provides a swimming pool that is fed by the Chico Hot Springs.  A Day Spa is also available.


Winter Activities


Map of Montana


Absaroka Dog Sledding   




Winter Activities                                                            



Fly Fishing



Horseback Riding          Hell’s Roarin’ Outfitters           Flying Diamond Guide




Outfitter Services:         Flying Diamond Guide               Bear Paws Outfitters


                                                                  Hell’s Roarin Outfitters


Flight Services


Adventures and Tours



Rafting                                     Wildwest Rafting          Yellowstone Rafting Co.


                                                                        Montana Whitewater Rafting


Places to Visit









Some of the above info is provided by  Great Information for all of us





Plan to visit with me in Montana


Come and join me in Montana and Invite your friends or come alone and make new friends. Need to take a break and at the same time have fun?  Come and join me in Montana…the mountains and the West are just 2 of the ingredients that will make this break memorable. I guarantee that you will come back again. You will find that you just can not do everything.  

American Bison

Remember that the Bison are waiting for you to join them in a Bison Jam in Yellowstone.

I am located in Paradise Valley just about 33 miles from the Northwest entrance to the Park.  Right here, I have a few places for you to stay.  The places are from a special Bed and Breakfast with great breakfasts prepared each morning , to cabins and private homes where you are on your own.  These accommodations are great and provide comfort for your whole group.

I have met some great people who will help you make the plans while you are here.  So when you arrive, you will be off to explore as soon as you are settled in and ready to go.

As I have chosen Paradise Valley as my home base for Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village, I can promise you that the location includes a bit of Paradise with close proximity to Yellowstone Natioal Park and beyond. For instance here is a link to a Montana Festival you might want to go to and it even has  free admission (only 110 miles away and a great day trip.)   The link  to this festival is   Just follow the link to check this out.  I am planning to attend.  Hope you will join me.  

Take the next step…Contact me with dates you would like to come to Paradise Valley.  I will research what is happening. Will work out the possible costs for you.  Just let me know what you would like to do such as fly fishing, hiking, classes in the wild, rock climbing, art and photography in the wild, dancing, rodeo watching, horseback riding up into the hills, camping in the wild… It goes on in on…There is so much to do.  

So call me now…Look forward to visiting with you via phone or email.  Will work with you on making your stay comfortable and exciting and restful and unforgettable and…!  You will want to come again.  

Now all you have to do is…

Contact me at or call me at 405-333-4055.   Will be excited to hear from you.   Let’s plan a special time here in and around Paradise Valley.

Hello World…From Paradise Valley


Good Morning to all! 

The roads lead to many outdoor activities up in the mountains, in Yellowstone, in Livingstone and Bozeman and beyond …and the roads are good. We have flurries however, clears up quickly.

Coming soon to all will be a photo gallery of my adventures dog sledding.  What an experience!  This time last year I was working with Border Collies never thinking that,less  than a year later, I would be up in the hills of the Absaroka Mountain Range dog sledding.  With knees that could be better I had not much to do other than love these dogs for giving me such an unbelievable ride along with a big thank you to Brit who was my guide.  To top it off my pal, Jeanine and her guide,  made the sharing of the experience as we laughed along the way and pinching ourselves that this was truly happening.   

So …with these memories…I am on to today’s activities, here, at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.   What is happening here?  Well, we have an actual Bed and Breakfast which we are happy to say is a great place to stay when you come to Paradise Valley.  O’Carroll’s Bed and Breakfast and Cabins is one of the best places to stay here in the valley.  The host, Eleanor Harvey, is quite the breakfast chef.  She is also so knowledgeable in the area her thoughts on what to do each day is so helpful.  As Brook N’ Dell and Resilience Living is helping with this websites, you will be able to learn more about her B & B and Cabins and many of the activities you can enjoy throughout the year.  So…bookmark this post to learn what we are doing and finding here in Southwest Montana.

Paradise Valley Part II – Dog Sledding


Have you ever been dog sledding?  I now can say I have ….It has been snowing in the mountains around us.  We had a dusting of snow showers during the night  providing Paradise Valley a mesmerizing feeling.  One of the main activities is dog sledding in Paradise Valley along Mill Creek in the Absaroka Mountain Range.  I have just posted this photo which my guide, Britt, took just before we took off on our adventure.  Will have more photos of the trip by the end of today, February 14, 2012.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

On Our Way