Maiden Launch – Maiden Voyage – What a Moment!


A Moment becomes a special visit with Tom, Tom’s Father and their friendEmery.  Thank you!  Visitors’ to this blog…please read the 4 comments about this special launch and the history of this boat.  Just press the word “4 comments” above.

Why this is noted as really special evolved from a close-up view of “The Drift Boat.”   There was something special about this boat.  Have seen them  on the river many times as they floated by; however, this boat glowed from the sun with a caught up feeling their was a story before me.  Guess what…there was.  Tom greeted both me and Gracie, my sidekick.  There was a proud smile on Tom’s face.  It was all about this moment.  The maiden launch and maiden voyage of this special drift boat.

Tom shared that his Dad just arrived from Washington State after completing this drift boat renovation.  Tom came in from Michigan near Lake Superior and friend, Emery, from Wisconsin, near the Mississippi.

Tom and friend, Emery, getting ready for their maiden voyage up the Yellowstone River

What a special moment in time for these 3 men.  I wish them great success in catching some handsome tasty trout however, there special moment together is the “real catch.”   The real catch of special moments together, enjoying their friendships, combined with the roll of this great environment …Paradise Valley, Montana and the Yellowstone River.

If you are seeking some special moments along the Yellowstone River.  There is nothing like Gray Owl launching area along the Yellowstone.  Just a mile away from O’Carroll’s Bed and Breakfast and Cabins.  Great place to stay and enjoy your fly fishing moments right in front of O’Carroll’s.

Learn more about this area, O’Carroll’s and additional resources and info below.

This area of Yellowstone:  Downstream from Yankee Jim Canyon, the river flows past the towns of Miner, Emigrant, Pray, Pine Creek, and Brisbin before entering Livingston. The stretch from just below Pray to Livingston is a wonderful and famous stretch. Rainbows and browns with quality hatches of insects and beautiful scenery make this an excellent piece of water. Floating is the first choice of most anglers although wade fishing is available in some parts. The section from Gardiner to Livingston is followed by Route 89.



Moments to Ponder


Hello to all!  As I begin to blog, today, I recall the main reason why I started posting thoughts back in 2010.  It was all around celebrating the present moment by taking action, sitting still for awhile, walking along the water’s edge, conversing with a friend or a colleague, creating a blog to impart some thoughts.  Well, that is just a list of where I might find myself or what I might be doing during the day.

As I read and learn more about “being” it all comes down to being in the present moment.  It is all we have.  It is the time on our journey that could set off a creative moment that will change a future moment.  Sometimes I am mislead by things.  Yes, things do come up don’t they however, it is around what we do and how we react to these things.  What I really should say is not how I react to things but  “act” on them.  Sometimes there are things which I need to ponder about before I act.  I have to remember I have choices here as I ponder.

So, with all the pondering that is going on in my head while I write I must make the choice to complete this thought and follow my day making it a good one.

I would love to hear about your special moments today.  So, whenever, you read this blog please ponder for a moment and let me know how your present day and moments are going.

You can either write a comment or email direct at  Love to hear from you!


ps -have some great music to listen to as you send me your special message.  Just scroll down to the last few blogs.  This music is inspiring to me and hope to you as well.

Happy Easter and Passover Wishes


Dear Brook N’ Dell Friends and Visitors,

We send wishes for a Happy Easter as this is such as special time to share.  

This beautiful music was shared in Westminster Cathedral at another special celebration however, the music. “This is The Day” is so appropriate for Easter.


We also send Passover wishes …

On Passover and always
May you rejoice
In the traditions and 
Always be blessed 
With the rich and bountiful 
Gifts of life!