Spring is Here in Yellowstone!


Babies are frolicking  over the hills and the fields with their mothers right beside them here at Yellowstone.  It is a wonder to behold as people report all the sights Yellowstone brings to each person’s visit.  One day is not like any other.  The exhibit that the “Wilderness” of Yellowstone shares with all of us is not to be missed.  

Here at Brook N’ Dell a new look is coming your way.  Along with this new look a special project will be announced shortly.  Make sure you sign up on the travel log so you can receive our emails on what we are doing.  You will learn more about how “Kid Reporters” and “The Curious Eye”  will play in this new Resilience Living Project.  Many people are involved.  We know you will want to be a part of it, too.

We will need each one of you to take part.  Yellowstone is the key to even sharing what you might have in your own backyard or local park.  Keep in touch.  

When we say your support is needed, it really is.  Have you heard of Richard Louv and Nature Deficit Disorder and his special books.  The 1st one we suggest you read is “The Last Child in the Woods.”  Follow our link to Amazon to order your copy or visit your local library.  More will be posted along with a special announcement and new beginnings right here in Gardiner, MT.  Our headquarters are located right in the hub of all the excitement of Yellowstone. So, do subscribe and stay tune to our exciting announcements.  Horseback riding and Bon fires and the Wilderness    along with special events are going to be announced shortly.  

Have a great day!  Let us hear from you.  

Sincere Best to You!  Bless the Curious Eye!  

Until later... Adele Arnesen, Resilience Living