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Listen to our radio show all about life and just enjoying today.  It will surprise you on how living and being involved with just the moments of “Today” opens your eyes to great things, great ideas, sites you may have missed before.  Then, call in to our show and share what you have experienced by Living “NOW.”  

T. J, Starr, Host of Saturday’s Show on Sunday on NPR is my guest this evening.  I do hope you go to the left and listen to my interview with T. J.

You can also connect with T.J. Starr by visiting his website or visiting his radio show at radio show and look for Sunday’s listing.  His show airs at 3 pm mountain time.  Wherever you live on this earth you can enjoy T.J. Starr.

Also, don’t miss T.J. Starr’s facebook fan page is …  T. J. Starr’s Cheap Seats to enjoy more of his creative writing and sharing.

Do leave a message for T,J.  He would just love to hear from you.

T.J. mentioned a book by Daisy Ashford.  A book worth reading…  It is still available on

Living for Today…will bring you a treasure box filled with

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great things.   Try it…You never will know until you try it.  Is that not the truth!!?

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Join Us with a march on Nature right from your own back yard!
Join Us with a march on Nature right from your own back yard!

Music clips on In the Moment provided by Partners in Rhyme – Thank you

Anyone for a Tree House?


Would just love to have a tree house at Brook N’ Dell…This would certainly bring an Experiosity Moment to all!!!!treehouse-point-896x597


Tree House

A tree house, a free house,
A secret you and me house,
A high up in the leafy branches
Cozy as can be house.

A street house, a neat house,
Be sure and wipe your feet house
Is not my kind of house at all –
Let’s go live in a tree house.


Poem by Shel Silverstein

What a splendorous place to have.  To go up into the hills, park along the road and with back pack in hand march to the tune only nature provides and following my heart to my home in the trees.  What a place to just “Be.”

What an Experiosity Experience!  A Tree House!

Spring is here!


grey wolf  yellowstone thomas more school kids 149Happy Spring!  

The snow is still on the ground and the flowers are not ready to pop like the photo above however, this day will be coming soon.  Even though many around the Yellowstone World love to ski, go snow shoeing and are winter sport lovers…the sign that Spring is coming is all around.

Just received the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce Newsletter which comes out every Wednesday.  The ads do tell the story as well.   Rafting companies and resorts are searching for summer help.   This is definitely a sign of Spring.

A large RV just arrived in the town as well.  For some this might not seem like anything special in terms of a sign of Spring however, here it is a different story.  When RV’s are in sight we can tell that some of the early Summer arrivals are here.  April is the time when the roads are beginning to open in the park…April 18th to be exact.  These roads lead to many people’s home for the summer.

Oh, it feels so good to write about Spring.  If you are reading this post do come back again.  Do Subscribe as well.  We have lots more to share.

and you will see we are starting up our radio broadcast as well.  Look on the left of this blog and you will see our Blog Talk Radio broadcast screen.  Check it out.  There are lots of great interviews from the archives as well as the last one that was broadcasted yesterday.   So here we are .  Do come back again.