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In The Moment Invites Everyone to Walk and Connect with Real Life!Join Adele weekly as she explores the world of Yellowstone County and beyond with the ultimate prize…Inviting everyone, young and old alike, to get outside. The main mission is to fight “Nature Deficit Disorder” in our life. This month’s broadcast is all around taking one step at a time and explore the ourdoors. An invitation to leave the technology world behind and just learn to realize what life’s gifts are right outside.

Many resources are provided as a supplemental to each broadcast at From Kid’s stuff to creating and expanding ideas in your adult world there is an invitation waiting for you to join the Experiosity Tree House Project. Become a part of the family and have a place to connect with others from all walks of life in getting on your walking shoes and sharing your adventures.

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Resilience Living Connect
Resilience Living Connect

In The Moment in Yellowstone – An Adventure into Bear Country and Beyond


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Experience Spring Time! Feel the rebirth of life around you from the birds calling out to one another to the sight of the green grass and the critters that are about.

What a special time to take out your camera. What a special time to sketch. What a special time just to sit and listen. Greatest Medicine in the world for stress.

Please share your moments with us at Resilience Living at the Experiosity Tree House Studios. Comment below or send us a private message at Look forward to hearing from you. I am Adele the host of this show and a lover of the outdoors…especially Yellowstone. It is filled with mystery and magic.

Resilience Living Connect
Resilience Living Connect

An Afternoon in Yellowstone


Welcome to Yellowstone! Have you been here? Well, I live right here and yet every time I approach the Roosevelt Arch to enter I know there will be a brand new adventure. Yesterday, was no different.
It was a glorious day! So…thought that I would just drive down to Tower-Roosevelt area and turn around. My main goal was to just see the bears.

DSC_0336 DSC_0335 DSC_0334 DSC_0333A Drive-By Bear

I did indeed see my black bear. As you can see in the photo I was also driving at the time with no turnout to stop. So this little Black Bear only can be identified by his/her ears and top of its head. The fun thing was I could look right into its eyes. You could see the search was on in those eyes. Oh, how can I have such a moment like this.  The next time I will have a better photo.  With this Drive-By Bear it is a lesson that not all is perfect in the world…especially my photo shoot.

Now it does get better…With this beautiful bear as the beginning to my afternoon, I drove on to see what else I could find. What I found was oodles and oodles of Bison….and there babies. A friend sent out photos of one of these babies being born. What an experience it must have been to see the birth of one of these little “Red Dogs.” However, right now, I am experiencing and enjoying the sight of a little one nursing and right here in the middle of the road. Please enjoy these photos. You will also see other “Red Dogs” sleeping and frolicking about the herd.  (Place your cursor over the photo to read the captions,)


I truly invite you to enjoy Yellowstone through my photo journal. Have a great day!