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Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with In The Moment on BlogTalkRadio

“In the Moment” with Adele Arnesen presents a new series all around ….Ways of going on to that new trailhead you have been looking at and wanting to travel on. Our new series will begin with developing a new dialogue and ways of getting your mindset to say, “Yes, I am going to do it.” Yes, I want to experience this new part of my journey and I am not afraid. I am prepared with the right tools to take this new leap. My Resilient Life tool box is packed with all I need.”

Jeff Cannon will be joining me as we talk about our own journey and tool box we are using to overcome that next trailhead. Jeff is also going to share what he is creating for all of us around our personal growth, development, and creativity in our life . He will also be making an announcement on a new on-going event that will begin very soon. So…don’t miss this special moment during the broadcast. .

Do join us!. It just might be that you would like to join us “live” and ask questions and share your own moments around taking that new path towards growing personally and developing the special gifts in your life.

Please share this date and time with others. The only way “In The Moment” can grow is by everyone knowing we are here each week. For a list of resources … visit Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

Resource List


  • “Dare to Be Happy” by Helen Lowry Marshall
  • “Women in Wonderland” by Elizabeth A. Watry


Developing mini-trails and making a difference

Motivating Others

Examples of Developed Missions and the people involved

Benefits of Going Outside and Hiking (Anywhere)

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