In The Moment the Natural Way…Finding and Traveling along the New Trail Part 5


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In the Moment with Adele Arnesen.. Welcome to our Broadcast. Our show is all about living the Natural Way. That going outdoors can mean many different things to many different people. You might find out on your journey that you wish to venture in a new direction. Referring to examples of Lewis and Clark to the Astronauts to blazing a new trail in the woods nearby can provide ideas on how to blaze that new trail in your job, at home or with a relationship.

Join Jeff Cannon and I as we share our thoughts from many perspectives and have fun doing it. Remember you can look at what is in the archives of history on how history has taught us that blazing that new trail will open up so many new possibilities.

Remember to also visit our website at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village. Many special pages contain all types of resources for you to use.

If you wish to join our broadcast and we hope you do …call our on-air number (718) 766-4415 or archive many of the broadcasts including this one. Listening at your leisure can be fun as you join us on one of our sharing excursions.


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Welcome to Resilience Living Connect

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