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Hi Everyone!  Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village is at the heart of my mission to provide a Village where people can visit and meet people who want to support the value of life.  That each of us are unique and hold a uniqueness that can not be found in another person.

I am such an advocate to make this happen.    It all starts with everyone living in the moment with Resilient Life Tools.   This is not easy.  We get so caught up in what we have experienced from the past that when we are in our present moment we many times don’t even notice what is around us.  Oh, there are so many magical present moments you might miss by reliving the past.   Let it go!  You can enjoy life right here, right now!

As I write this message, I want you to know that as a coach I am having such a great time working with such beloved people who are committed to creating a phenomenal life for themselves.    My partnerships with these people have opened up such friendships and such treasure chests of  unique ideas.

If you have visited many of the areas of Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village you will meet many of my colleagues.  Please spend time to learn more about them.   Each coach is dedicated to the same mission as I and that of Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.    We also follow the same code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation.

As the creator of Brook N’ Dell and founder of my coaching firm, Resilience Living Connect, you will also find other connections within the world wide web.  I hope you will visit and join me on other websites including facebook, twitter and Linked In.  Here are the following links….

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As you know words can not speak enough for my commitment to you and helping you succeed in living each moment.  Below I have included some testimonials from those who have touched my life and I have had the privilege of being a part of their life coaching both within a formal as well as informal format.

    Adele’s coaching was a breakthrough for me. I’m a Realtor in Houston. Realtors are always on a roller coaster; swamped one week, starving the next. Rushing to catch up, or rushing to get business.
    Adele actually made me think about what is truly important in my life, and how most of the urgent stuff is crap. If time is not set aside for core values, then what’s the purpose? Anyway, a calmer, less stressful day was the result of her help, which actually let me accomplish more. Highly recommended regardless of your business or situation. (A refresher once in a while would be good too)…Rich Martin http://www.RichMartinHomes.com

    Adele Arnesen is a natural life coach. She has the ability to meet someone and just by talking with them, sense their needs and degree of coaching assistance that they need. Adele then proceeds in a low key, non-obtrusive manner to assist the person without their even realizing that they are being life coached.  Adele has a natural gift to help others.  Her results are quite dramatic.  Larry M.

    Dear Adele,
    I want to thank you for being such a good listener.  These were troublesome things that were happening in my life and you made me feel very comfortable  sharing them with you.

    Thank you again for your love and support.
    Joan Bucell

    Adele has a way of inviting a person to open up to the coaching experience without that person explicitly realizing that he or she is being “coached.”  However, once a personal epiphany has been revealed there is no doubt that one’s conversation with Adele has been a serendipitous experience.

    Adele’s  way of turning casual conversation into an enlightening moment about oneself.  Her intuition for detecting the subtle signals we expose about our desires for personal growth enable her to progress a conversation into a beneficial coaching session without formalities or awkwardness.   William E. Burns M.T. S., Religious Educator

It would be so good to hear from you.  Please visit my present NOW Challenge.  It might seem very involved however, it really isn’t.  The format of the Challenge can fit in with your daily tasks.   So, please contact me.  I will be so thrilled to visit with you and discuss your needs and your challenges.

Have many great moments!  Sending you wishes for you to celebrate your uniqueness!

Blessings to You,

Adele Arnesen

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