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"Carousel Horse"

Welcome…Please Meet Our Brook N’ Village Resident Artist, Marie Brown,

It is thrilling to open our virtual gallery to host a solo exhibition of watercolors and mixed media by Artist, Marie Brown. “Carousel Horse”  depicts the thrill of Marie’s Vibrant work and her love of horses and dogs.  Marie’s love for painting is portrayed in the vibrancy of colors she uses on her pallet.   With the stroke of her brush the exhuberance of the horse and the fun sweetness of the beloved dog come alive.

Marie began riding horses at an early age in South Texas and later became involved in western horse shows as a barrel racer.  Her art depicts that power she felt working with her beloved horses. Today, Marie, now breeds and shows special little dogs, called Swedish Vallhunds. You will definitely feel the fun and exhuberant loving personality of these little dogs in her art. We, again, are so pleased to now present her art to you as one of the resident artists at Brook N’ Dell Village.  

Marie’s Art can be found walking through the doors at the Village Shop where you can “Virtually” purchase and  travel through space back home with one of her prints and greeting cards.

Here is the door to our Village Shop  (Just Click on the door) 

The Village Shop

Our Village Friends come to Brook N’ Dell Village to share their unique Talents along with just engaging in a chat or two.  Right here you will find links to do just that.  Our links should be available by May 10th.   

Village Friends who also stop by, leave there imprint by sharing their gifts which we continually share with all who come to Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

Let’s applaud the Village Friends.  You will find the list below.  If there is a link to gifts they share please follow the link.  Please enjoy your day at Brook N’ Dell Village.  During your visit, please drop a note and share the high-points of your stay. 

Please visit Sandra Baker-Hinton at her Gallery. 

Her love of wildlife…especially the Sea Turtle is depicted all about her gallery.  You will also find Artist, Marie Brown’s work at the gallery as well.  The location of the gallery is in Fernandina Beach, Fl.  Home of the Shrimp Festival. 

Just click on “San Jon Art Gallery door below and join everyone.

Amelia San Jon Gallery

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