Connecting with Coaches


Connecting with Coaches who are supported at the Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village is easy.  What you need to do to receive information about specific coaching support please use the comment section below.  Tell us what area of your life you are most concerned about.  

  •                  Life Style                     Life Transition              
  •                  Education                    Career  
  •                  Social                            Sales/Marketing
  •                  Ethics and Beliefs       Business  
  •                  Skills                            Family     
  •                  Finances                      Physical
  •                  Time Management    People Skills
  •                  Productivity               Spiritual
  •                 Adolescent Support   Children’s Education
  •                 Creativity                    Your choice

Please inform us on how you would like us to contact you including your time including time zone.       All  support will be provided via telephone so there are no limitations because of your geographical location.

Don’t hold back on making a difference in your life.  Complimentary initial support can be provided to you so you will learn how coaching can support your focus and growth in your area of need and have a balanced life.

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