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We come this way but once…at least that is what some say. 

 Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village exemplifies placing our child like dreams into a bit of reality as “In the Moment with Adele” blog shares people, places and things that are real.  

There is much “Goodness” in this world.  This blog shares the news and provides thoughts on acknowledging and being apart of this special world.

Please enter this blog by opening the door to notes and sharing moments.  

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We welcome you! 

“Celebrate the Magic of the Moment”

Welcome to “In the Moment with Adele”

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  1. We appreciate your comment. What did you find most helpful during your visit to Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.? Always helpful to us to know so we can provide more resources in certain areas. We continue to grow each and every day. Placing our work in one area as it is needed would be helpful for us to know.

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