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We are on a Roll…Shop Opening in the Village


Welcome!  As you stroll down our Brook N’ Dell Avenue you will come to a special door.  It is the Experiosity Smilin’ Place Door.  There is much activity going on inside however, the passers-by would never know.  The windows cover a multitude of activities from Children’s Kid Corner for the little ones to a special gathering place for Smiley Note Cards.  We even now have an Art Gallery which is up.  It features Marie Brown’s Whimsical Art.  Visit our Performing Arts Building.  You will see much of her art on display.

Wait until the door opens.  Our hope will be that you will smile when you come in to visit and even purchase a special gift.  Maybe stay and just hang out.

In the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe on our website for the store…  We want everyone to be a part of this special shop!  You would not want to miss out receiving an invitation to our opening!

As ever…have a great day from Adele!  The Founding Creator of this Special Village called Brook N’ Dell. wishes you many special moments!




In the Moment Broadcast with The Natural Way through a Child’s Eyes


Click here to view the upcoming broadcast

Check Out Self Help Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with In The Moment on BlogTalkRadio

This broadcast is all about building a tool box to help you and your children build communications about experiences. In addition, applying the tools to having adventures in the outdoors and writing about that exciting experience.
This broadcast is Part 1 of a 2 part series. The 2nd part will be next Wednesday evening at 9 MT time. Please join us.

Capture the Moment! Photo Memories!


Celebrating Photography during the Month of March!

Visit the Photography Room at the Art Center for 2012 photo contests

Capturing a moment through the eye of the camera, does it not amaze you at what you see.  My feelings transmit such excitement.  Capturing moments with the camera lens opens up a world I might have otherwise missed.

You Are On Candid Camera

Never knew I would be so excited about having a friend named Nikon.  It feels so good.   Since I have gained such a friendship the world has opened up and expanded into areas I would never have traveled to.  Even though I know the world expands as we seek new paths along our life’s journey, it still amazes me on what I find.

Paradise Valley Friends and the Absaroka Mountains

Today, as I started researching for a Brook N’ Dell Project and the  Photography Room at the Art Center I found myself finding so many opportunities for photographers…Even novice amateur photographers like myself.   This research objective is to provide an on-going resource guide to  many monthly and yearly photography contests.

Knowing that there are so many resources out there in the world of photography we invite all to join us in this endeavor.  If you know of  contests please send a message by using the comment section below or  if you wish send a private message to

We thank you for visiting Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.  Our mission is to support all in living an exciting purposeful life and capturing the moment!

 If you are an amateur or professional photographer and visit Yellowstone National Park as well as Glacier National Park, please contact me as we are working on a project which might interest you.

Plan to visit with me in Montana


Come and join me in Montana and Invite your friends or come alone and make new friends. Need to take a break and at the same time have fun?  Come and join me in Montana…the mountains and the West are just 2 of the ingredients that will make this break memorable. I guarantee that you will come back again. You will find that you just can not do everything.  

American Bison

Remember that the Bison are waiting for you to join them in a Bison Jam in Yellowstone.

I am located in Paradise Valley just about 33 miles from the Northwest entrance to the Park.  Right here, I have a few places for you to stay.  The places are from a special Bed and Breakfast with great breakfasts prepared each morning , to cabins and private homes where you are on your own.  These accommodations are great and provide comfort for your whole group.

I have met some great people who will help you make the plans while you are here.  So when you arrive, you will be off to explore as soon as you are settled in and ready to go.

As I have chosen Paradise Valley as my home base for Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village, I can promise you that the location includes a bit of Paradise with close proximity to Yellowstone Natioal Park and beyond. For instance here is a link to a Montana Festival you might want to go to and it even has  free admission (only 110 miles away and a great day trip.)   The link  to this festival is   Just follow the link to check this out.  I am planning to attend.  Hope you will join me.  

Take the next step…Contact me with dates you would like to come to Paradise Valley.  I will research what is happening. Will work out the possible costs for you.  Just let me know what you would like to do such as fly fishing, hiking, classes in the wild, rock climbing, art and photography in the wild, dancing, rodeo watching, horseback riding up into the hills, camping in the wild… It goes on in on…There is so much to do.  

So call me now…Look forward to visiting with you via phone or email.  Will work with you on making your stay comfortable and exciting and restful and unforgettable and…!  You will want to come again.  

Now all you have to do is…

Contact me at or call me at 405-333-4055.   Will be excited to hear from you.   Let’s plan a special time here in and around Paradise Valley.

Life Chapters, Challenges and Choices! Guest, Veronica Reinhardt shares her story on being Resilient


Life Chapters, Challenges and Choices…Dynamic Tools for Survival!

Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village Presents Guest, Veronica Reinhardt on our Blog Talk Radio Broadcast – It has been archived and is available right now!

Veronica Reinhardt suffers from a spinal injury as well as heartfelt sadness that she struggles with each and every day. Visit with us as she shares tools she had learned to use each and every moment …step by step. She is making it and you can, too, by learning some secrets she has built into her daily life. Veronica will share Chapters in her life with stories on the Challenges with each Chapter. As she lives through these challenges she has uncovered tools that now are in her Resilient Tool Box.

Don’t miss this broadcast. She wants you to know how you can take on challenges and write your life chapters and knowing, showing and applying tools that change the path for the next chapter.

Veronica suggests the following book which is a part of her Resilient Tool Box…You can place an order directly from the books listed below through Just click on the book(s) and will process your order.

Books, Books, Books! Special Resources for Living a Resilient Lifestyle!


Books….Books ….Books! Here are some books I have on my list which have been tools for me in living with Resilience. Some of the books below have been written by two collegues of mine who I call good friends as well. Both Dr. Bill Crawford and Bill Ferguson have been in the business of making a difference in peoples lives. They are both in Houston however, do travel and present workshops and seminars as well as making keynote speeches. They are both fantastic! (Contact me if you would like more information about these special teachers and mentors)

The other books are some of my favorite resources that help me grow and realize what life is all about. I have opened the pages many times. God Calling even saved a friend’s life. The Artist’s Way Book and workbook is a tremendous tool to open up that creative genius inside of you. I will be offering a workshop utilizing all of these books. If you are planning to attend the workshops you are only a click away to utilize Amazon and order your books right here at the market place.

Please know that when you make any purchases here at Brook N’ Dell Village Market Place and Village Shop 10% of the net proceeds will go to charity…The Hope Chest Foundation. Deb Manser and her foundation rescue horses. The cost and upkeep is tremendous. Any support will help towards the beloved horse. Hopefully, as people utilize Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village Services and our proceeds grow I plan to sponsor a rescue horse and pay the monthly upkeep. Hope you will join me. Thank you!

Radio Anyone? Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village will Broadcast “IntheMoment”


So Excited? Oh…Yes! Yes! Yes!

Have been waiting to Broadcast A “Live” Radio Program from Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

The Title of Radio Broadcast is “Living In The Moment.” 

 All the blogs that have been written and pages found within “In the Moment with Adele” and within Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village are to enlighten the visitor with resources, tools and people who are there to support you in bringing happiness in your heart.  Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village Blog Talk Radio Broadcast’s main mission is to provide that one on one conversation with our listeners.   It is our intention for the Blog Posts and pages to come alive and jump from the pages into each and every broadcast.  The stories, resources and events around Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village will have more meaning.  

The main emphasis of “In the Moment” broadcast will be promoting staying in the moment.  

  •                                    Not venturing back in time …
  •                                    Nor jump starting on the future and what it might be like.

The emphasis of the program will be to stay in the “NOW!”  Stay “In the Moment.” Learn to feel…Learn the *Magic* is all around NOW…”In the Moment.”  You will learn how to discover who you are and to celebrate how you can accomplish so much by being in the present moment.  You will begin to  learn and really feel all that is around us with new meaning.  You will learn how to feel from the depth of  your heart and how special you are.

People from all aspects of life will be coming by to chat with us. It will be a time to learn how others have made it…and are truly living their passion. You will learn it is not easy. We will hear stories on how people had to work their way through challenges  We will have coaches coming by to talk about their niche in helping people find their passion and live fully.  

Oh..we will have fun doing this. Tools will be shared for you to apply to your day’s journey during each broadcast.

Do know ….you will be able to call in or email a question while we are on the air. This is all for you…For you to live life with passion.   This is all for you to have a  “Resilient Life.”   It all happens while you are “Living in the Moment.”

Check the time and date.  We will be waiting for you to join us. Please spread the word.

In the meantime have many Magical Moments living with passion!

Leave a comment about what you would like us to include on one of the shows.  

Until our first broadcast… “Live in the Moment”  on July 1 at 11:30 you will experience life in the “NOW” and feel the magic and power.

Remember…you deserve to show us your best…your gifts…your passion!  Remember when your heart starts to sing…your smile will light up the world.  You will find you can make a difference!

                                                                            Meet us on Blog Talk Radio…”In the Moment.”  


Look forward for you to become a friend of “In the Moment.”   You will hear me there.  Have a great week!


Father’s Day…We Embrace You and Thank You for Your Support!


Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village


All Fathers

We want you to know you are special the world over.  While you are here please look around.  Visit our Art Gallery, visit our Shoppes.  This is a village which is expanding every day.  Please share our village with friends.  Our Radio Program will be beginning next week.  Come back and you can listen to our broadcast at you leisure whenever you want to take a break. 

Have a Great Day, Dear Fathers!  You wear the armor that helps us take on the challenges as we step out into the world.  Your support we salute!


While you are here join us!  This service is complimentary.  We would love to have you join us for our events and our discussions.  You can either sign up by providing us with your email and joining our forum as well.  We will be sponsoring many people making a difference.  You are probably one of those people.  Look forward to meeting you on the otherside when you visit our forum while we share in helping one another. 

Again, Happy Father’s Day!

Special Charity Event Jun 12



Flying Without Wings

Dear Friends,

Brook N’ Dell Village presents a special event at the Amelia SanJon Gallery in Fernandina Beach Florida. The event is sponsored by the Amelia SanJon Gallery and is presenting the art of Marie Brown…a resident artist, here, at the Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

This event is special…Portion of the proceeds will be going to the Hope Chest Foundation. The Hope Chest Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization. The main goal of the foundation is to protect the abused and neglected horse at the Cheers Ranch. The Hope Chest Foundation is the recipient of your donations. Deb Manser, Founder of the Hope Chest Foundation, takes in abused and neglected horses and provides them a nurturing love that hopefully will bring them back to health. Her work has been on-going for years. Now with the Hope Chest Foundation she can even do more. Your donations will help in carrying on this work.  Remember the costs to just take care of one horse includes hay, shots, shoes, etc.  We need your help.

June 12th from 10-5 you are invited to this special event which is also called Second Saturday at the Amelia SanJon Gallery. The village of Fernandina Beach welcomes you as we do. We look forward to your visit.  Also…Special Reception following the day (5:30-8:30)…called Artrageous Art Walk will celebrate “The Horse” and “Hope Chest Foundation” and Horse Artists, Marie Brown and Nancy Asbell.   Refreshments will be served.

For additional information on the Hope Chest Foundation visit

For additional information on the Amelia SanJon Gallery visit

To view the art of Marie Brown please visit the Village Shop here at Brook N’ Dell Village and view the greeting cards and prints that are offered. Special greeting card gift boxes will be available as well as separate cards and prints on June 12th at Amelia SanJon Gallery. If you can not make the trip…any orders received at the Brook N’ Dell Village Shop from today through June 12th a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Hope Chest Foundation.

In advance we thank you!

If you have any questions please provide us a comment and we will respond to your request.

Have a great day and thank you for caring!

Adele Arnesen, Founder and Caretaker of the Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village

*****  Map and Directions to the event follows the Calendar below

Welcome to Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village – Life Coaching World Village


Resilience Living Connect

Welcomes “You” to Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

We are so glad you have come!
Jacquie Lawson e-cards
January is a time of new beginnings!  It is a time to enjoy the season where we plan our focus for the year so we than can live In the Moment each day knowing that when we take action each day it will lead us what we plan for this special year, 2011.
Here, at Brook N” Dell we send you wishes for a Wonderful Year, 2011 to you and yours.

Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village is a dream come true.  It is a harbor for people to come and rest.  It is a place like no other.  This is a special Village where all the inhabitants and visitors have the greatest desire to thrive.   As you walk the paths and venture out into the surrounding areas you will find people really enjoying nature at it’s best.

You are invited to come back again and again.  There will always be something new around Brook N’ Dell Village.  Right now, we are so thrilled that so much is happening.  We have visitors coming from all over the world to visit.  Please stop by our Imagination Isle where children love to visit to the Dell Ranch to Mt. Spirit. You will find unbelievable villagers ready to share their gifts with you.  You can also visit the educational and business centers to find more villagers who will provide tools for you to thrive in this challenging world of ours.

If you wish to visit our some of our artists, visit the Victor Hugo Visual and Performing Arts Center.  There is so much to see as well as music to listen to.

Make sure you stop by our Village Shop.  We have Artist, Marie Brown’s prints and greeting card as well as books for your enjoyment..

"Carousel Horse" by Artist, Marie Brown

By Artist, Marie Brown “Unbridled Ar”

Visit her Gallery at the Art Center right here at Brook N’ Dell

Also, please visit our newly open “Now Best Self Help Books.” Our villagers have recommended books for you to read at your leisure.  You will find their lists here.  This “Stop” will also provide lots of other articles as well excerpts from books and video interviews for your enjoyment.

Sharing Books We Love and Recommend to All!

As you know construction takes time however, support has come forth from many people.  We continue to  acknowledge these people who have spent so much time in actively taking part in tackling our infrastructure.  We are also listing where are visitors are traveling from.  So amazing and thrilling to see people come from all over the world as well as from many of our 50 states in our USA.

Please enjoy your stay and while you are visiting our pages, you can listen to one of our archived radio broadcasts from “In the Moment.”  Each of our villagers can also be found on one of our archived shows.

Lastly,  we have started our “Now Challenge.”  Please visit and join us.  This is the first of many courses that will be coming your way.  We are proud of this Now Project.  Our main mission is the Nurture Our World within each of us.  We than can Nurture Our World around us.  Included in this Challenge is the promoting of all to thrive and live a resilient lifestyle.  Coaching is included in this first Challenge.  Do visit “Now.”  You will find it on the navigational button above.

Remember, we would love to hear from you.  So, do drop us a comment about how some of resources have helped you while you have spent time with us.

We thank you for coming and will see you soon again.  There are new happenings weekly if not daily.  So we hope you will come back again.

If you would like to visit our blog please visit Be Happy and share a Smile with those around you!

Developer and Founder,

Adele Arnesen

Resilience Living Connect

Welcome to Resilience Living Connect

Please share a comment before you leave.  Our question to you is what do you strive for in having a Happy Resilient Life?

Also…sign-up to receive our Resilience Living Connect Newsletter.  All informaton is for our eyes only.  Your name and email and any other info you share with us is kept private.