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In the Moment “Now” – There’s a New Trailhead in Sight Series


Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with In The Moment on BlogTalkRadio






Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with In The Moment on BlogTalkRadio

“In the Moment” with Adele Arnesen presents a new series all around ….Ways of going on to that new trailhead you have been looking at and wanting to travel on. Our new series will begin with developing a new dialogue and ways of getting your mindset to say, “Yes, I am going to do it.” Yes, I want to experience this new part of my journey and I am not afraid. I am prepared with the right tools to take this new leap. My Resilient Life tool box is packed with all I need.”

Jeff Cannon will be joining me as we talk about our own journey and tool box we are using to overcome that next trailhead. Jeff is also going to share what he is creating for all of us around our personal growth, development, and creativity in our life . He will also be making an announcement on a new on-going event that will begin very soon. So…don’t miss this special moment during the broadcast. .

Do join us!. It just might be that you would like to join us “live” and ask questions and share your own moments around taking that new path towards growing personally and developing the special gifts in your life.

Please share this date and time with others. The only way “In The Moment” can grow is by everyone knowing we are here each week. For a list of resources … visit Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

Resource List


  • “Dare to Be Happy” by Helen Lowry Marshall
  • “Women in Wonderland” by Elizabeth A. Watry


Developing mini-trails and making a difference

Motivating Others

Examples of Developed Missions and the people involved

Benefits of Going Outside and Hiking (Anywhere)

Hiking is Good for the Head

In the Moment The Natural Way…Lights! Camera! Action!


Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with In The Moment on BlogTalkRadio

Resources: “> Kodak Creative Tips
Creating Keepsakes
Photography …waking up that creative genius
100 strangers project
52 Photo project
Photo Scavenger Project
Photo Scavenger Hunt for Children

Nature Studies for children

This is brought to you by Resilience Living, L.L.C.

and  Experiosity Project

Resilience Living Connect
Resilience Living Connect


In the Moment Broadcast with The Natural Way through a Child’s Eyes


Click here to view the upcoming broadcast

Check Out Self Help Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with In The Moment on BlogTalkRadio

This broadcast is all about building a tool box to help you and your children build communications about experiences. In addition, applying the tools to having adventures in the outdoors and writing about that exciting experience.
This broadcast is Part 1 of a 2 part series. The 2nd part will be next Wednesday evening at 9 MT time. Please join us.

Being in the Moment – The Natural Way


Experiosity Tree House Studio Welcome to our New Broadcast coming to you from the Experiosity Tree House Studio in Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

Tonight, plan to join to listen and maybe even call in. Our broadcast will begin live at 9 PM (Mountain Time).
If you miss the broadcast it will be archived and available right here at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

Check Out Self Help Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with In The Moment on BlogTalkRadio

Do You Remember What You are Worth?


She can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens.

She smiles when she feels like screaming, and she sings when she feels like crying.
She cries when she’s happy and laughs when she’s afraid.
Her love is unconditional.

There’s only one thing wrong with her.
She forgets what she’s worth!

Take a Moment, think about these words and the meaning it has for you.  It definitely had an impact on me.

Be The “Architect” in Your Life


Brook N’ Dell Village is a Special Village of  Coaches waiting for your call and provide you your virtual complimentary  coaching meeting.  It is our purpose for you to learn about coaching and how the role of a professional coach can help as one of the partners in your team of support.

Design Your Life NOW

  • Let us be Your Partner
  • Your Coach

Our Mission:  Help people thrive with Resilience Living in all you do.


This is for everyone!

Students   Women    Men    Couples   Entrepreneurs     Corporate Executives

Organizations and Corporate Executives are invited to contact us for seminars, workshops, retreats and one on one Coaching for you and your employees.  Keynote speakers are available, too.

Entrepreneurs,  we have the expertise to support you and your business!

To start…complete the form below.  We are ready to support your needs.  These challenging times will be helped by receiving support from our coaches.    Many of the coaches are members of International Coaching Federation  as well as local chapter, First Coast Coaches Association of North Florida and other local chapters throughout the US.



Age is no object!

Decide today to have a partner in your life.  It can start now.

Your 1st coaching is complimentary.

Start by filling out the brief form below.  You will hear from us within the next 24 hours.

Member of International Coaching Federation

Presented by

Resilience Living Connect

Adele H. Arnesen, Founder and Professional Coach

Let’s Use Our Imagination…What Ideas Do You Have? Listen to Thoughts on this. Let me know Yours

You Are On Candid Camera

Today is the day to ignite our imagination.  Your imagination and mine.  This is definitely a journey where we need to join together to promote our passionate ideas.  So let’s begin….

The First Thing I would like you to do is listen to my broadcast …Just click on the blog talk radio button on the left.  During this broadcast I share my passion and my thoughts and ideas about each of us.  

Step Two – Please click on the picture below of M. S. Murwin, Nation’s 17 Poet Laureate.  The highlight of his interview  with PBS is about the Power of Imagination

W. S. Merwin, Nation’s 17th Poet Laureate

Step 3:  What do you wish for…What are your Ideas.  Think about the Imaginary Life I shared during the broadcast.  What is yours.  Ask yourself what you can do to be purposeful and adding a part of that life into your life today.

Step 4:  Draw a circle – Place yourself inside the circle and list names of all the people who support you and your ideas.  Outside the circle who are fearful of what you are doing and do not support the uniqueness of your work.  Remember, I talked about building the bridge within your circle and what might happen.  You just might have one of the fearful censors following you over that bridge.  Try it and see.  Remember, you have many supporters and that includes me

Step 5:  I am here for you.  I provide that support as your professional coach.  I have others who coach as well as those who have been challenged and are living the Resilience Living Lifestyle.  I invite you to join the NOW Challenge.  So invite you to learn more about it right now.  Look above on this page.  Look for the word “NOW.”  Click on that navigation bar.  It will take you to the link to receive your invitation to this Challenge.  You deserve to be on this Challenge.  It is all about you.  You can go at your own pace and you will have my support all along the way.  You will also see the drop down links to other pages.  Some pages are protected however, the last link is open for you to read.  Please visit that link as well. 

Step 6:  Let’s Imagine you are already taking the NOW Challenge…Ideas are coming…People are coming into your life to support you.  Let’s write about what you would hope it would look like.  So…relax, meditate for at least 3 minutes and then sit down wherever you are comfortable and write and draw all about what you see as you imagine.  This is your time.  You are on Candid Camera.  I am excited! I hope you are too!  If you still need a push view this….The Push.  Hope to hear from you …Until then,

                        Best to you in all your “Special Moments! 


Resilience Living Connect Founder

Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village Creator

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Call in Broadcast this Thursday – Topic “Share ideas” you have to make a difference


Read my blog this morning at “In the Moment.”      There are so many challenges in our world today.  Let’s share some ideas you have around taking on these challenges with the thought of making the world around you better

There are people over the centuries who have taken a challenge, come up with an idea and made a difference.  This is what we call Resilience Living.  We are here at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village to promote Resilience Living.  There are many villagers out there in the world making it happen.  Making people of all ages think about the key they might hold in their heart in making a difference.  We must remember that we are resilient.  We do have the answers.  However, we need to make a change in our thinking.  Traditional thoughts of years ago need to be updated to today.  People are living longer.  All age groups are more equipped to live a full life.  Each of us needs to look within our own heart for the answer which we have in making a difference. 

Let’s talk about ideas you have.  Let’s have fun with it.  There is only one rule.  All information provided must be positive.  There will be no discussion about what others should do and are not doing.  We just want to have fun with this and also bring meaning to the dialogue of making a difference as Brook N’ Dell Virtual Villagers are doing. 

Let’s hear from you on the call in.  I will be excited to share a moment with you on the broadcast.  Depending on the number of callers we might have to limit our time so please be brief as possible and yet provide us your key in making a difference.  We will be posting these ideas on a separate page at Brook N’ Dell.

If you have any questions before the live broadcast, contact Adele at

Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village, In The Moment Broadcast, and In The Moment with Adele 

is brought to you by Resilience Living Connect.

Welcome to Resilience Living Connect

The “NOW Challenge” and our “NOW Best Self Help Books”


Hello all and Welcome to Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village. 

Let' Nurture Our World...Yours and Mine Together!

Hope you are ready to join us for the “NOW Challenge.”  Go to Newsletter Button..Constant Contant and enter your email address.  We do not share your info…we just want to make sure you know what is happening around our Challenge right now.  So go ahead and do that now and return to this post. 

Now,  what I want to share with you is this…We have a dedicated site  So excited about this site because it is all about books.  I love books.  It is all about books.  We took all the recommended books from all our Villagers and listed them so you can look at the list, read more about each book and have the ability to purchase any of the books right there.  When you go to the site you will see the one page that designates the book cart. 

Well, that is not all…On the home page you will be able to scroll down and visit with authors.  There are a number of videos to enjoy! What is exciting about this site is people are staying on this site for more than 15 minutes.  That is a thrill for me!

I will be continue to add more.  This is an extremely active site and the focus is to research for info that I think has an important message to share with all of us.  I also ask for you to share your favorite books as well.  Let me also know why this book is special to you.  Add a short summary along with the title and your name so we can give you credit. 

Register for the NOW Challenge.  The “NOW” Challenge is part of this.  So if you have not sent your email to subscribe to our interactive news please do so now so we can add you to our invitation list.  Please do that now.  We do not want you to be left out. 

By the way if you live outside the US we invite you to join us as well.  NOW means Nurture Our World!  This means both to Nurture our own world as well as Nurture the “Big” World around us.  It only starts with a single step in the right direction.  So take these steps with us.

Look forward to your questions and comments.

Best to you and Nurture your Day!  Have fun!

Adele Arnesen

Resilience Living Connect  ….info@inthemomentwithadelecom

Remember, That the “Now” Challenge takes place at Noon EST every week through Dec. 29th.  The one good thing is that all calls are going to be recorded so if you are not able to make our NOON call you will only miss out on one thing… Being able to share your happening with others at that time.  However, the good thing is you will receive the message with a play back phone number and access # for the specific call.  AND Remember…you still will receive support via email and phone support. 

Join us today!  Let’s make the NOW Challenge happen for you!  If you wish to view your invitation click here

Listen to Adele’s Archived ”In the Moment” Radio Broadcast-talks about The “Now” Challenge and Future plans


Come to Our Meeting

Adele Arnesen, Host of ” In the Moment” Radio Broadcast, Founder and Creator of Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village and In the Moment with Adele Blog shares the future plans of Resilience Living Connect which is the umbrella for the above sites and services.  There will also be an introduction to  The “Now” Project and “Now” Best Self Help Books On-line Services during the show.


Welcome to Resilience Living Connect

   Don’t miss this hour.  Plans, Schedules,  and New Services will all be shared with all listeners.  You have all been so supportive with our  broadcasts since June.  Due to all the favorable support we continue to grow.  Remember, you will be able to call in and share your thoughts and questions as well.  Adele will look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s meet! Let’s take a challenge together.


A Challenge will be Announced

Are you ready to take on a challenge?  A Challenge will be announced during the show.  It will be a fun challenge because it will bring us together to support one another.  Let’s make October a great kick off month to new beginnings and planning time for 2011.  It will all start now. 

 Come by at 11:30 am Thursday morning and join Adele on “In the Moment.”  

Think about this quote below.  This challenge will be focused on each of you.  It will be all around your dreams and your obstacles and tackling the Challenge with Resilience.  Support will be the key to this group and the success of the  challenge.   Read the quote below and think about what it means to you.   Do join me on Thursday at 11:30 am est

Registration Starts Right HereRegister Here

“Focused will is incredible. If you have a dream and you don’t give up no matter what obstacles come up, then life’s problems will fall away and you will get what you want. It happens. It works.”
Quote by Yanni