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A Very Merry Christmas to all!


May the spirit of Christmas enliven your hearts!  This season is so special as it brings people together to celebrate!  May all of you have a very special Christmas.  May the bells chime in your hearts in hopes that it will carry on throughout this season and the coming year!  God’s Blessing to All from our special home at Brook N’ Dell to yours!

Journey on a Dirt Road…In the Moment the Natural Way!


Traveling on a dirt road can be the best thing for each of us.
Researching dirt roads throughout the US.
Here are some resources to begin your investigation…

But before you begin your research, listen to our In The Moment Broadcast brought to you from The Experiosity Tree House Studio

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Dirt roads in…

National Parks

Why Travel on dirt roads…
Reason #1

Links to People who love traveling

Experience in a Land Rover

50 quotes gathered by a lover of travel” target=”_blank”>50 quotes gathered by a fellow traveler

The Road Not Taken


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


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Join us on our Radio Show…”In the Moment” – Guest, NPR Radio Personality, T.J. Starr


Listen to our radio show all about life and just enjoying today.  It will surprise you on how living and being involved with just the moments of “Today” opens your eyes to great things, great ideas, sites you may have missed before.  Then, call in to our show and share what you have experienced by Living “NOW.”  

T. J, Starr, Host of Saturday’s Show on Sunday on NPR is my guest this evening.  I do hope you go to the left and listen to my interview with T. J.

You can also connect with T.J. Starr by visiting his website or visiting his radio show at radio show and look for Sunday’s listing.  His show airs at 3 pm mountain time.  Wherever you live on this earth you can enjoy T.J. Starr.

Also, don’t miss T.J. Starr’s facebook fan page is …  T. J. Starr’s Cheap Seats to enjoy more of his creative writing and sharing.

Do leave a message for T,J.  He would just love to hear from you.

T.J. mentioned a book by Daisy Ashford.  A book worth reading…  It is still available on

Living for Today…will bring you a treasure box filled with

If you are having a concern about accessing this interview here is a direct link to the broadcast

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great things.   Try it…You never will know until you try it.  Is that not the truth!!?

Write and share about your findings and send to  We call this way of living …Having Experiosity Moments.  Visit our Experiosity Website at   You will find lots of resources for all ages and more.  You even have a chance to be an Experiosity Reporter.  Join us now!

Join Us with a march on Nature right from your own back yard!
Join Us with a march on Nature right from your own back yard!

Music clips on In the Moment provided by Partners in Rhyme – Thank you

Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Yellowstone Dream and More!


Every one has a dream…Many years ago Thurber wrote about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  As a follow-up to this short story, a movie was made with Danny Kaye, who some of you might remember. After seeing that movie and reading the short story again I bring my thoughts to Yellowstone Country and Yellowstone National Park. As Mitty had a number of special day dreams a visit to Yellowstone is a favorite dream of many.  Many, indeed, live out their dream in the wild…so was this a dream of Walter Mitty.  Let’s visit Walter Mitty as he shares this here .  

You will see that even Yellowstone is a special favorite of the Mitty family.

If you are so inclined…drop me a note and I will send you a list that I have personally compiled about people, places and things to see and do here in Yellowstone Country.  In fact do it now.  Leave a comment here or email me at

Capture the Moment! Photo Memories!


Celebrating Photography during the Month of March!

Visit the Photography Room at the Art Center for 2012 photo contests

Capturing a moment through the eye of the camera, does it not amaze you at what you see.  My feelings transmit such excitement.  Capturing moments with the camera lens opens up a world I might have otherwise missed.

You Are On Candid Camera

Never knew I would be so excited about having a friend named Nikon.  It feels so good.   Since I have gained such a friendship the world has opened up and expanded into areas I would never have traveled to.  Even though I know the world expands as we seek new paths along our life’s journey, it still amazes me on what I find.

Paradise Valley Friends and the Absaroka Mountains

Today, as I started researching for a Brook N’ Dell Project and the  Photography Room at the Art Center I found myself finding so many opportunities for photographers…Even novice amateur photographers like myself.   This research objective is to provide an on-going resource guide to  many monthly and yearly photography contests.

Knowing that there are so many resources out there in the world of photography we invite all to join us in this endeavor.  If you know of  contests please send a message by using the comment section below or  if you wish send a private message to

We thank you for visiting Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.  Our mission is to support all in living an exciting purposeful life and capturing the moment!

 If you are an amateur or professional photographer and visit Yellowstone National Park as well as Glacier National Park, please contact me as we are working on a project which might interest you.

Life in Montana


As I research what is happening in Montana for the year 2012, here are some links to look at. Click on the titles to follow the links.  Most subject areas all have links for you.  Great info for planning.

Wildlife in Montana:

Info and Wildlife Courses at the Yellowstone Association, Gardiner, MT (northwest entrance to Yellowstone National Park):     

Living and working in and around Yellowstone, the center of the wide open valley between the Gallatin and Absaroka Mountain ranges – The wilderness surrounds us. We are not too far from  Art Galleries, Yellowstone National Park, Chico Hot Springs, Absaroka Dog Sleds (in winter), Fly Fishing and more.  If you are a photographer, the sunrises and sunsets will astound you if you have not been here before…and that is just touching the tip of the iceberg setting your plans into action on what you will want to do when you plan your stay here in Montana.

After viewing all the activities and links send us an email at  We will help you with your plans including places to stay.


The list below represents some of the organizations and people we are associated with. They are listed by categories.  This list is growing as it is our mission to bring Yellowstone Country to you .


Fly Fishing and Fishing Supplies



Knoll’s Fly Fishing School


Swimming and Spas


Chico Hot Springs Resort provides a swimming pool that is fed by the Chico Hot Springs.  A Day Spa is also available.


Winter Activities


Map of Montana


Absaroka Dog Sledding   




Winter Activities                                                            



Fly Fishing



Horseback Riding          Hell’s Roarin’ Outfitters           Flying Diamond Guide




Outfitter Services:         Flying Diamond Guide               Bear Paws Outfitters


                                                                  Hell’s Roarin Outfitters


Flight Services


Adventures and Tours



Rafting                                     Wildwest Rafting          Yellowstone Rafting Co.


                                                                        Montana Whitewater Rafting


Places to Visit









Some of the above info is provided by  Great Information for all of us





Plan to visit with me in Montana


Come and join me in Montana and Invite your friends or come alone and make new friends. Need to take a break and at the same time have fun?  Come and join me in Montana…the mountains and the West are just 2 of the ingredients that will make this break memorable. I guarantee that you will come back again. You will find that you just can not do everything.  

American Bison

Remember that the Bison are waiting for you to join them in a Bison Jam in Yellowstone.

I am located in Paradise Valley just about 33 miles from the Northwest entrance to the Park.  Right here, I have a few places for you to stay.  The places are from a special Bed and Breakfast with great breakfasts prepared each morning , to cabins and private homes where you are on your own.  These accommodations are great and provide comfort for your whole group.

I have met some great people who will help you make the plans while you are here.  So when you arrive, you will be off to explore as soon as you are settled in and ready to go.

As I have chosen Paradise Valley as my home base for Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village, I can promise you that the location includes a bit of Paradise with close proximity to Yellowstone Natioal Park and beyond. For instance here is a link to a Montana Festival you might want to go to and it even has  free admission (only 110 miles away and a great day trip.)   The link  to this festival is   Just follow the link to check this out.  I am planning to attend.  Hope you will join me.  

Take the next step…Contact me with dates you would like to come to Paradise Valley.  I will research what is happening. Will work out the possible costs for you.  Just let me know what you would like to do such as fly fishing, hiking, classes in the wild, rock climbing, art and photography in the wild, dancing, rodeo watching, horseback riding up into the hills, camping in the wild… It goes on in on…There is so much to do.  

So call me now…Look forward to visiting with you via phone or email.  Will work with you on making your stay comfortable and exciting and restful and unforgettable and…!  You will want to come again.  

Now all you have to do is…

Contact me at or call me at 405-333-4055.   Will be excited to hear from you.   Let’s plan a special time here in and around Paradise Valley.

Paradise Valley Part II – Dog Sledding


Have you ever been dog sledding?  I now can say I have ….It has been snowing in the mountains around us.  We had a dusting of snow showers during the night  providing Paradise Valley a mesmerizing feeling.  One of the main activities is dog sledding in Paradise Valley along Mill Creek in the Absaroka Mountain Range.  I have just posted this photo which my guide, Britt, took just before we took off on our adventure.  Will have more photos of the trip by the end of today, February 14, 2012.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

On Our Way


Treasures of Paradise Valley


“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.   Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into the trees.  The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares will dop off like autumn leaves.”  John Muir on Our National Parks

It has been some time since I have posted to Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.  I thank all of you for your continued support in visiting the many areas of this special Village throughout the summer and fall.  Now that it is winter and the snowcapped mountains are before me I will begin opening more doors to all of our visitors to Brook N’ Dell.

To give you a hint on what doors will begin to open…

The Victor Hugo Center for the Visual and Performing Arts will be introducing a very special Yellowstone Public Radio Celebrity…T.J. Starr. Everyone should learn about this special historian.  J. K. Steele has been presenting Saturday Night on Sunday for 25 years.  As a volunteer he is definitely dedicated to his love of history and the 60’s.  Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village and Resilience Living Connect are both proud to provide a special wing at the performing arts center where J. K. can deducated to sharing with all the world visitors his love of music, vintage radio shows and his love of art to name a few along with his love of history.  Over the next week his wing will be under construction.  Please bookmark this wing so you can come back again and again.  We know you will become thrilled to learn about this special Montanan who has dedicated his life to the visual and performing arts.

The Dell Ranch will be inviting you to the mountains of the Dell Ranch where we are excited to include what is happening in the close-by mountains of Absaroka.  Here you will not only view many videos and pictures; moreover, meet and greet the special people who provide Absaroka Dog Sledding, Mark, Britt and Carr.

Life in Montana is filled with treasures.  As Montana is called the Treasure State, Brook N’ Dell is thrilled and excited to bring many of these treasures to you along with the special land of Yellowstone.  So, please bookmark Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.  This is a place you will always want to visit.  We will even be providing places to stay when you plan to experience this land for yourself.

Two special sites to visit are O’Carroll’s Bed and Breakfast and cabin.  Visit and

Let us know about your treasures in Paradise Valley