Gracie’s Waggin’ Tales around Brook N’ Dell

Hi!  I am “Gracie”

Waggin’ Tale Village Storyteller.

“The Brook N’ Dell Village Mascot”
HI! I am Gracie your Waggin" Tale Village Story Teller

I am so glad you came to visit.

Would you believe it…there are Border Collies all around me right now at the Southeast Border Collie Rescue.  Adeleis  even having me take obedience classes with Golden Retrievers and Border Collies.  What is a Swedish Vallhund to do.  I just don’t understand why everyone has to be so different and some so big.  Frightens me a little as well.

Well, that is just the beginning. Adele has me believing I am a border collie so I have been given a job  to do.  Unlike the pups that live here, I have my own master…you know…Adele.  She is the creator of Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.  She really loves me and I know it.   I love her, too, especially when she and I play together.  I am really loved and can only imagine what it must be like to run the streets or be shut out of a home and a family who I thought would love me forever.  Thank goodness Jerri Carter has saved so many dogs.  Some are so old I know they will probably be here for the rest of their lives however, they are all loved by Jerri along with Marissa, Addie and Sue who take turns caring for them each and every day.  Now while we are here, Adele, has taken on some of the lovin’ as well.   I know I am a bit jealous however, I know I am #1 so that is ok.   I hope you can come and meet these special dogs.  In the meantime, I need to tell you something about these black and white dogs….They are smart.  Some of them love to herd and others love to run these agility courses.  However, I need to show you a video on how smart they are.   Some of them I think can talk.   Look at this….

I have to admit …that was pretty good.  I will have to try it. Great way to get a treat.

Now on to other happenings at Brook N’ Dell… As Adele must have a feeling I could get lost I now can say that as of April 7th, 2011 I have a microchip.  Really important these days to ask your veterinarian about this. 

Well, now that I have shared this I must get busy and complete my daily roll here at Brook N’ Dell. 
Oh, I have so much to tell you.  Because I am small I can travel around Brook N’ Dell without a person even noticing I am nearby.  It’s fun to hide and watch what is goin’ on around here.  Now, please, I do love to have a good time and be noticed.  When there is something exciting around here I am right there.  Love excitement!  Believe me… Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village is a place filled with so much excitement.  So I have taken on the job to let you know if there is something you should see.

Believe me lots of things are happening all over.

Now you need to know a bit about me. I am a little girl. Right now I am only 6 1/2 months old and filled with curiosity.  There are some things I just don’t understand.  It is what the humans are doing and even the sounds they make that surprise and startle me however, I watch and am really trying to learn what life around here is all about.

Have you ever heard of Swedish Vallhunds or Swedish Cattle Dogs? Well, that is what they call me and my family and my close family friends.  Would you believe we go as far back as the Vikings?  Well, we do.

Can you imagine!  Some people think we look like a wolf with short legs.  I looked at a picture of a wolf the other day and I can see how they might think so.  We are inquisitive however, we love to have a hug every now and then…mostly now.  I don’t know about a wolf.  Running is fun too.  Just love to run however, remember since I am still young I still like to sleep.  I either  take a nap  outside out of site of where anyone can see me or right on the bed inside if I am lucky.

"Every once in a while I need a nap"

Never let it be said that I will miss anything though.  I promise I will let you know all sorts of things and the happenings at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village and Dell Virtual Ranch.  I live at Dell Virtual Ranch and love it!  Lots of animals to play with in the wide open spaces around the ranchland.  Lots of woods where I can look for treasures and trails that creatures from the wild have made for me.

Now that I have told you something about myself and where I live and before we begin our excursion around Brook N’ Dell and the Ranch I need to do one more thing…I am proud of my family and Swedish Vallhund friends.   I want you to meet some of them.

Swedish Vallhund, The Viking Dog with Rune Stone

The painting above and to the right were created by my Nanny Mother, Artist and Swedish Vallhund Breeder, Marie Brown.  Love her lots and she just loves to paint our pictures and take our photographs.  Do you see the Rune Stone in the background?  The Vikings when they traveled left them all over.  Here is one of my favorite Rune Stones below.  It is glowing and sending you smiles 🙂

Smile Rune Stone

I love this one.  This one means fortune smiles and nice surprises will come unexpectedly.  Wow!  This might mean that positive adventures are coming and I am sure you deserve it.  I hope I am a part of these adventures so I can share them with you.  Oh…can’t wait to see where I am going to take you next.  However, my partner, Adele, wants to “live in the moment.”  She wants me to have fun now…however, I know more is to come…oh…I am so excited and curious about what is coming next?  I hope you are too!

You can find more things about this Rune Stone at another area of the World Wide Web.  Click on the Rune Stone and you can see much more. I am still learning about these Stones.  Think maybe I should get a bag of these and pass them out as I travel and meet people and have adventures around the Village.

Right now, I would like you to have a smile or two…Here are members of my family…

Viletta …listening (Very rare moment)
My Sister, "Goldie" My Friend Viletta is on the move!

In my travels I want you really get to know all these busy people and animals and sites where I love to visit.  I will be your guide, and take you with me ….Right now I send you a “Smile” and know you deserve as many smiles in a day as you can handle.

My Friend Viletta is on the move!

I think I had better go.  Viletta must have seen something happening on the Ranch.  Need to find out.   Watch for my “Waggin Tales.”  I think my first tale is about to begin.

Here is where I would start to learn more abut Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village..right here at Dell Ranch.  Make sure you visit and learn more about dog rescues and also horse rescues.   There are links and resources that might help you learn more about dogs and horses and how you can help.  Not all dogs are lucky llike me.  Please learn more.   Adele is even in contact with the Delta Society and hoping that we can provide a special room which will be all around providing you resources on Therapy and Service dogs and how they are helping so many people. 

I know Adele would love me to be a therapy dog however, I am just too unsure about life and a bit afraid of what is around me.  I need to experience a lot more about life before I can help any human.   However, there are alot of dogs in my training class who are going to be therapy and service dogs.  Do learn more and please come back and visit again.  Lots of resources all about animals and contacts who are available to help out.

Well…that is about all for now.  Wuv you interest in learning about Dell Ranch and Brook N Dell happenings.  Make sure you subscribe to get updates.

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