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Hope Chest Foundation has found homes for 4 horses and 2 new horses just arrived.  Thank you to those families who have opened their heart to adopt a Hope Chest Foundation Special Rescued Horse.

 “Cimmaron” is looking for a “Special” Sponsor

Cimmaron Today
Cimmaron Before

This is “Cimmaron”, I found him on Craig’s List (the internet sale web site) for FREE TO GOOD HOME.  I was so afraid of taking him in because we had just lost “Hope” and her death was so hard to deal with, and by looking at him it seemed like all I was going to be do was bring him to Hope Chest Foundation for hospice care.  Well…. look at this beautiful boy today!  He’s approx 25-30 yrs old and fat and happy today.  We would like to find a wonderful sponsor for him so that he can enjoy his days at his “forever home” here at Hope Chest Foundation.

Horses owned by H.O.P.E Chest Foundation are rescued horses and it is the mission of the Foundation to  find special loving new owners and sponsors.   H.O.P.E Chest Foundation rescues and rehabilitates any horse that they are called to rescue.  As the saying goes…It takes a village to bring up a child. This can be applied to these rescued horses.  “It takes a team of people to care for the rescued horse.”    Debbie Manser, Founder of H.O.P.E, works closely with the local Veterinarian to establish the current physical needs of each rescue horse which can become very costly depending on the individual horse’s condition.  Knowing Debbie Manser…No horse is turned away.  She finds a way to save every horse that she finds or is called to rescue.    

Meet “Breezy” who is ready to be Adopted or have a “Special” Sponsor 



Breezy Today
Breezy Before

This is “Breezy” she was found at the same place where “Sleet” was (Below).  When the Nassau County Sheriff’s Dept. found her she could barely keep her head up.  The deputy thought for sure she was going to die.  She is a beautiful resilient horse and with some good food and wonderful care she has become a fat and sassy today!  She is looking for a good home and will make any child a wonderful companion.  Or if you would like to sponsor her so that children at Hope Chest Foundation can benefit from her please let us know.   

After the horse receives a complete Vet Check and prescribed medicine and food, constant care is provided until the horse begins to gain weight and has passed additional visits by the Vet to say that the  training process can begin.  Good health, love and attention are all special ingredients each horse receives at H.O.P.E.  If you visit H.O.P.E most of the rescued horses are located in a special area where they can be administered to in a “special way.”  
We have provided a list of horses who are in need of a sponsor.   We ask if you would join us at Dell Virtual Ranch in sponsoring these horses.  If you wish to adopt a H.O.P.E. horse additional information will be provided by contacting The H.O.P.E Chest Foundation @ 1-904-277-7047.  Thank you for making a difference. 
Here at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village and “Dell” Ranch we provide this listing service at “no cost” to H.O.P.E Foundation.  We hope you will join us by sending us an email at if you would like to join us in sponsoring a horse.  Our newsletter will share more about this project.  We will make sure you receive an issue with this information.  If you are an educator this is a great project for schools.  Sponsoring a horse and receiving a picture and update on how the students’horse is doing would help with communication skills as they could write to Deb and receive news on how their horse is doing.  Great way to learn how a horse must be cared for along.        
If you are interested in adopting any of the H.O.P.E. horses, please contact Deb Manser 1-904-277-7047 for sponsorship and adoption fees and more details.  
 Meet “Sleet” who is up for Adoption or A “Special” Sponsor  


Sleet Today

Sleet Before

This is “Sleet” the day that he was found by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Dept. and was then signed over to me 2 wks later.  He was a stallion the day we brought him to Hope Chest Foundation.  He was so emaciated that you couldn’t really tell he was a stallion and it wasn’t till a couple of weeks later when he started putting on some weight that we saw that he indeed was a stallion.    We waited till he gained approx. 150 lbs and then he was gelded and he’s a much happier boy now!  We then realized that he had bad teeth and this problem which was taken care of immediately.  Today, he is a fat healthy boy looking for a new home or someone to sponsor him so he can stay at Hope Chest Foundation.  He will make someone a beautiful horse!   Adopted by a Caring Family…

Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village and Dell Virtual Ranch are solely here to provide a free listing service as part of our mission to support the mission of others who “Dare to Care” in protecting and caring for our animals. We Celebrate Debbie Manser, Founder of H.O.P.E Chest Foundation for taking on such a monumental mission that is so needed in our World.      


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