Ken Unger – The Ultimate “Soul Doctor”


The Ultimate Breakthrough ...Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain

We Welcome Ken Unger

to Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village and “Mt. Spirit.”

Ken Unger




 Ken Unger, America’s Soul Doctor, will share how his own healing journey led him to the insights that have transformed so many lives. From his own healing journey he learned to integrate theology and psychology in practical ways that have impacted thousands of people through his books, retreats, seminars and Ezine. He’ll share how his new book, The Ultimate Breakthrough – Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain, has helped so many people go beyond self-help to self healing. It’s literally a book that’s proven to help people heal the brokenness that sabotages lives. He’ll share the simple methods he recommends to help you heal the core pain that keeps you from being all you can be. He says, ‘If you have an emotional problem you need an emotional solution.’ Based on his belief that ‘if you heal the pain you don’t need aspirin,’ he also describes the stories of those who are no longer addicted, overweight, or bound up in relational prisons of anger, rage and abuse – the same methods that helped him overcome his own stubborn problems and flaws. His vulnerable style and fascinating anecdotes will inspire you to seek your own Ultimate Breakthrough. Finally, he’ll share practical things yo can do to achieve that. 


To Purchase and Read his book Click on the cover of his book and you will be re-directed to to place your order.  Remember, 10% will go to charity.  Thank you! 

To Learn more about Ken Unger visit his site and read his book..


Spend some time with Ken listening to Ken share an hour of moments talking about his work with me. Ken’s work is all about helping people transform their lives and realizing their true purpose. Just click on this button and enjoy. If you have any questions or comments send them to, right here on this page or send a message directly to Ken. Ken’s link can be found above.

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