“Toucan’s View”


Veronica Reinhardt invites you to her special project, “Toucan’s View” located on a special mountain slope in Costa Rica.


Listen to my special blog talk interview with Brook N’ Dell Host, Adele Arnesen.  I share my story on how I want to take the lessons I have learned and help others within the safe retreat of Toucan’s View on the special mountain slope of Costa Rica.

One special request…I need your help and support.  Right here I will be posting stories and pictures of this special project.  My question to you isWhat are your challenges and how can I support you at Toucan’s View.  Be open and share your personal note by sending it to VER138@gmail.com

I also ask everyone to answer one question …if you knew you could not fail what would you do?  Their is no wrong answer…give this question some thought and please share this with me.  Remember, your name will be held in confidence and your responses will be shared right here.

Welcome to a place in Paradise!

So…Welcome to Toucan’s View.

Visit and learn more about my friends who are all around my property. 


As Veronica sets her plans into motion she shares some special books which she suggests you include in your “Resilient Life Tool Box” as she has in her own.

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