Welcome to the “Now” Challenge

If you nurture your mind, body, and spirit, your time will expand. You will gain a new perspective that will allow you to accomplish much more. ”  Brian Koslow

Your Time is Priceless!

Remember then: there is only one time that is important–Now! It is the most important time because it is the only time when we have any power.
— Leo Tolstoy

The “Now” Challenge is all about “Nurturing Our World” within each of us.  It is to uncover our uniqueness that we already have.  It is to bring that inner happiness into your life.    Ask yourself the following questions….

Ask yourself… When was the last time I took a deep breath and felt it?

Ask yourself…Do you feel stuck in what you are doing?

Ask yourself… Are you continuously going around in circles and can not seem to know what direction to take?

Ask yourself…Do I need a push?  Think about this and click on this word “Push.” Watch this short movie and then answer this question.

You Deserve to Soar Like An Eagle

Ask yourself…Are you blaming others around you for what is happening to you?

Ask yourself…Are you constantly hearing chatter in your head like…I can’t do that?  That is to hard for me?  I am tired?  Watch yourself, you might hurt yourself.

Ask yourself…Are you a pushover?  Are you always responding to others rather than be the leader for your own life.

Ask yourself…When was the last time you did something for yourself?

Ask yourself…Do you have a dream….Do you wish part or all of that dream could come true?

Ask yourself…When was the last time you took a private moment for yourself?

Ask yourself…When was the last time I really laughed?


The special fee is only $75.00 for the complete course.  This is a special course that will provide you an opportunity to make transformations in your life.  You are worth it!

What other questions do you want to ask yourself.   You can continue a list of your own?It is during the NOW Challenge you will have the opportunity to find out how you can ultimately get on that special journey that is truly within your reach.  Why not start NOW.   The 12 week Challenge is designed for you to proceed at your own speed and within your own schedule.  You also have a coach’s support with your professional Resilience Living Coach, Adele Arnesen.   You will have an opportunity to receive additional support as needed within resources which are available from the Villagers at Brook N’ Dell.   You will receive written materials, lists of resources which are available to you, weekly audio call plus the ultimate support on keeping you on track.   Decide to make a change in your life.  You will generate a renewed spirit.  Aren’t you worth it.  Remember, the NOW Challenge includes work.  The work is all about acknowledging how special you are,  creating new habits and getting rid of the old ones that just are not working anymore.

There are two broadcasts we would like to share with you.

Broadcast 1:  Listen to the broadcast that discusses the “Overview of the NOW Challenge  and the NOW Project.” 2: Activities and excerpt from some of the beginning activities in The NOW Challenge and the NOW Campaign

Click on Player to listen to our initial broadcast announcing the NOW Challenge, A Resilience Living Connect Coaching Project

Click on Player to listen to our broadcast on activities from the NOW Challenge, A Resilience Living Connect Coaching Project

Register Here

Believe it …It is only $75.00* for the complete 12 weeks.  (This registration fee does not cover the cost of Recommended Books and the required journal).  This challenge might even take longer.  Depends on how involved you get.  There might be some weeks which you need to commit some activities more than once.  What is the most important thing to remember is to “Do It.”  Not to think about it!

Hope you are ready!  You can begin the registration process right here. When you have completed the registration form you will use Pay Pal to handle your payment which you will find below.

A Confirmation of your registration will follow along with a Welcome Letter which contains all the information you will need to begin your challenge.

Please join us!  You are worth it!      The cost of similar programs is much more.  However, this Now Challenge is planned to touch as many English speaking people throughout the world.  We can each make a difference in our own world one step at a time.   It starts with each of us bring out our own unique qualities.  When we feel good about ourselves we then want to really spend time giving back and caring for others.  Right now let’s NURTURE OUR WORLD within us.  We can than NURTURE THE WORLD around us.

Remember we are waiting for you.  If you have any question, please contact Adele at

You have found Us! We have been looking for You!

If you still need to think about it make sure  you listen to the broadcast about the NOW Challenge.  Just click on the buttons above.  Prepare for 2011.  You are important…Time to Nurture Your Own World Within!  If you have a group that would like to do it together that would be such a support system for all of you.  It is the MISSION of the NOW Challenge and NOW Campaign to touch as many people and organization and businesses.  The benefits can be unbelievable!

Best to You and we are ready to “Welcome you” to the Village of Brook N’ Dell.  Registration is where you start.

Congratulations to you for caring about “YOU.”  It is a Healthy new start to provide MORE “Life” to Living In the Moment “NOW.”

Adele, Your “NOW” Coach

Think…The NOW Challenge is only $75.00 which includes personal coaching.

The NOW Challenge is brought to you by Resilience Living Connect

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