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Days have gone by since I have entered a blog however, it is time for me to write to you about what is happening in my life as I take my own Challenge.
Here goes… Since the last entry below I have realized with the support of a friend that I should think about having a TV show in addition to my radio broadcast. Since part of the challenge is having a date with myself I felt that this would be a great way to share my dates with all of the followers of the NOW Challenge. I felt that Gracie should be a part of this. Now I thought more and as I journal-ed more I realized if I was going to make this about what I loved to do I needed to join people on my date who were involved with animals.
While I was planning this I was also writing my journal entry and what came up was a message I wrote to me that I felt that I was going to meet a person in the next couple of days who would bring me answers to how I could bring my coaching out into the community.   A friend called me and asked when I was going to start bringing my coaching out to the world.  As a side bar I coached this special lady and during our number of months of coaching she made such changes in her life.  Now that I shared that with you I told her about my journal entry and in two days she called me back and could not believe what she was about to tell me.   She told me I needed to visit with a lady who ran a Border Collie rescue.   I shared with this special lady that I was not about to help  with the Border Collies even though I loved them because of a special dog…Monty who was one of my favorite 4 legged friends who I took care of for awhile.

Now what I continued to say about this idea to my dear pushy friend was she had to realize that I was only following my main journey of choice ….coaching.   I,  however,  said that I would contact this lady and meet with her.  Dear reader, I have learned never to close the chapter on anything any more until I have visited opportunities to see if there was something beyond what I might see on the surface.  Knowing what my mission was and is I know I can meet with anyone now and know that God acts in mysterious ways to help me in staying in line with what my uniqueness offers to the world.  Sometimes when others experience this as I did some time ago the fear of the unknown can really cause stuff to happen however, because I know what my mission’s focus is I can enjoy others and yet stay in line with who I am and what my focus is.
So, I did decide to make the phone call and planned a visit right after New Year’s to visit Jerri Carter and her rescued Border Collies.  This new leg of my coaching journey along with my Gracie began.   What happened when I did arrive is that I found out that this visit was to be the beginning of my new TV show.  When I arrived I started video taping right away.  It just happened.  There wan an adoption of a border collie taking place.. ..    and that is where the new part of my journey begins.

Instantly I was aware these wonderful dogs and this unbelievable lady were going to my 1st series of shows all around sharing an example of passionate living and living on purpose.  I now have videos of  Border Collie Rescues, training, and the adoption process along with interviews with Jerri Carter whose main mission in life is to be the shepherd for our 4 legged friends.

During my visit however, it did not stop with my video taping project for my show,  I began to meet others who wanted to learn more about what I do.   At the time of my departure I am happy to say that I am coaching in partnership with 2 people which are alive and well and already making a difference in their lives.   These special people have made a commitment to themselves about making 2011 a year of not just having a status quo life moreover, focusing on moving on to a new level of living, thriving and learning that miracles do happen every day when you take action in Living In The Moment.

As Resilience Living Connect Initiative expands beyond radio to include TV, retreats, workshops and speaking engagement I hope that you will be a part of this as well.

If you are reading this and have reached this sentence…Please know that from the depth of my heart I invite you to join me as a partner.  I invite you to the coaching world of Resilience Living Connect.  Let me support you in all that you dream to do and BE.  Take action!  That is the first step you need to make.  This action step will change your life.  It is confidential! It is fun!  Let’s build trust together by contacting me and I will provide you a 30 minute test drive to learn what coaching is all about.  You can reach me by sending me an email at

Let’s start today by setting a date and time to have our telephone time together.   The NOW Challenge will prove to be the 1st step into the coaching world and having a coach in your life.  Blessings to You and Know that you are special and unique and you owe so much to yourself to unveil that beauty to those around you.  However, it all begins with you and getting in touch with your own beauty.
Day 16 – Thursday is Broadcast Day.  I decided to go it alone today.  I wanted to spend time sharing the time with listeners.  I was hoping for some people to call in.  When the broadcast was over I looked at the stats and found out that one person did call in.  If you are reading this and you are the one who called in I apologize.  Whenever I looked no one was there however, what I did want to add is that usually there are few or no actual listeners.  People usually archive the show and listen to the broadcast at a better time for them however, today I was quite surprised to see that there were a few more people actively listening while I was on the air.  You can not believe how excited I was when I first saw the numbers.   Thank you!

Now is definitely keeping me on track.  There is one action step I love and that is to think of other lives I would like to live.  It really is exciting to see where this is going.  I realize that as I shared on my broadcast this morning that just doing something small and combining it to my real life is a-OK.  Maybe this will lead me to new things popping up on my journey.  This is how I have seen things happen before  and it just might be this way again.

Last evening, I took a walk around Walmart.   Trying to expand on the logo of NOW I thought about types of tools I would need to practice in designing this special project logo.  So I chose spray paints and letters along with a cap and bags.  I plan to try to work on the logo tomorrow.  However, I found that just taking time and looking around ideas did come up.  If I had been with a friend I would not have had the opportunity to just enjoy looking at so many things.  It was rewarding.

As I said in yesterday blog entry, yesterday right up to when I wrote the blog entry, the day was a stretch for me.  I just was not as able to move during the day as I wanted to.  I was in such a state of wanting to sleep.  So you can appreciate it when I became excited about last evening.  Now when I woke up this morning I was ready to get up and strike out on what I wanted to do.  As I continue to broadcast it is becoming a part of who I am.  It is becoming a wonderful habit and I know it is right in the middle of my personal mission as well as my business mission…making a difference in people’s lives.   WOW!  Things seem to becoming clearer to me and with the broadcast today I was excited about being alive.   I realize that this is only the beginning of week 3 and as the days and weeks reveal themselves I look so forward to reading my blog after it is all over.  However, with that said,  I am not in a rush as I might of been so many years ago.  I just want to be and live in the moment with resilience.  As I said yesterday, if it were not for my resilience I would have called off yesterday as a day not to remember however, it did end with bags, caps, and paints and so much more.

Dear Reader, I do hope you will join me on this trek.  If you are still on the fence that is OK.  Things all happen in time.  Remember I am there for you as a coach and a friend.  Our travels are made up of one step at a time.  The most important thing is to stay on the right path even though we might take a slower pace.  Remember, the story of the tortoise and the hare?  Remember who won?

Have a blessed evening.


Day 15-  It is Wednesday the start of the third week of the challenge.  Have you ever had the feelings that when you go to bed and feel so good about things just moving along that when you wake up the next morning it will just continue?  I experienced the complete opposite this morning.  I don’t know if it could be because I did not have my coffee and instead had a large glass of water however, I doubt it.   So…what I did do was push through the tired feeling I had and sat down and wrote a new portion of the NOW Challenge.  I was happy with what I wrote however, I decided that maybe I needed to go back and take a quick nap.  That is exactly what happened.  It did not take me long because before I knew it I was waking up and looking at the clock…seeing 12:45 before my eyes.  Oh my goodness…I wanted to record the introduction to the 3rd week of the NOW Challenge and there was still no energy.  I even looked at the passage for the day in “God’s Calling.”  Message was just what I wanted to hear.  So…I got up and knew that  I needed to get things done.  One tool in my Resilient Life Tool Box I have learned from the school of hard knocks is to move through things as fast as possible.  To keep on moving , make note of what was happening and still stay on the journey.  I have found through much work on me from past experiences that most of these moments that are not the greatest are just bleeps in time and I should not forget that.

So I needed to get up and decided to go shopping for food …needed my coffee as well as other necessary items.

I don’t know about you however, Walmart is such a great place to just meander around in.  N0 one cares what you look like …everyone is there for just one thing….goodies.   People are also genuinely pleasant.  Lots of hellos  or just a smile.  I can tell you I love to smile at people.  Even when I feel down on the moment…no energy inside… I bring out my smile kit and try to give back to others.  It genuinely boosts my energy level a notch or two.  Try it …Let me know how it helps you.

Well, with smiles as my energy boost, I thought about my list of wishes to accomplish for November.  One thing that was on one of my lists is to design a NOW tee shirt.  My ideas is to walk around with the tee shirt on …be my own billboard so to speak.  Maybe people will ask me what NOW means.   With that said I started going down one isle and I saw a wide art paint brush.  Up to now I had not even thought of the tee shirt campaign.  That paint brush started the ball rolling and I went up one isle and down the other.  When I checked out I had spray tee shirt paint and brushes and a tee shirt.  By the way,  as all this was going on I was becoming energized.  I even felt a warmth of excitement coming over me.   I felt so much better.  I was waking up.

Now let me back up to when I was walking past all the registers.  Just before the registers they have centers which contains candy, magazines and Walmart Blue Bags for 50 cents.  I looked at the bag and thought about my NOW campaign and how I wanted my logo to be simple but catchy.  The Walmart Bag looked at me and if it could speak I am sure it would say….You’re staring at me!  Then a small voice came to me …Look at the other side.  Low and Behold …a burst of energy came from nowhere…I will paint my logo on the other side of the Walmart Bag.    I took the bag along with lots of goodies in my cart and rolled over to check out.

As I stood waiting to be checked out…another small voice gave me the idea to ask who I could speak to about using the bag and also if Walmart would sponsor one of the NOW workshops.  The checker instantly said, “I’ll call the manager.”  The manager came and now I am working at bringing Walmart on board in some way to sponsor the NOW project.  I don’t know what will happen however, as I facilitate the NOW Project and actually take the challenge on myself, unbelievable little treasures show up in front of me.

Today, was definitely filled with a number of little treasures which I hope will provide a big treasure at the end of this path I have taken today.  Many people should hopefully gain much from today.  I have my fingers crossed.  and remember…I was tired in the am.

I do hope you will come back again and again.  I need your support right now.  Lots of support. I hope you will provide me some of that.  God is definitely my main guide on this journey however, I need lots of angels.   This project includes bringing on many people down the road…maybe it might be one of you.  I hope you will gain something from this blog moreover, get to know me a little better.  I really want the NOW Project to take off.  My goal is for 1 Million people to know about NOW by New Year’s 2012.  NOW means Nurture Our World within each one of us and then transfer that Nurture momentum to those around us.  What a great way to bring in the next New Year with a WOW about NOW is known by 1 million people who are making a difference.

One last note for today.  The reason I decided to write this blog came out of the initial plan to send a tweet to everyone to join the NOW Challenge.  All of a sudden I decided to re-word it and to share what is happening to me right now.  I know I have to walk my talk.  Don’t like to share what is happening while it is happening to me however, in this case a daily report seems like a good thing.  So please come back again. I do need your support .  I need team help.

If you have read this blog right to the end …Thank you!    PS…I am looking for sponsors for the NOW Project and Resilience Living Connects efforts to support the growth of the Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village, the workshops, retreats, self help book store and radio show.  If you know anyone who would be interested in being a sponsor drop me a note at  Otherwise just leave a short msg of support!  God Bless!


This includes Day 17 & Day 18 – Day 17 I followed what I felt I had to do and that was to send out the invitations for others to join me on the NOW Challenge moreover, just write and write and write and send out tools to Dads to help them out when the little ones go by the computer and just want a little of Dad.  So I went on an Internet searched to find books on line.  I am a very thrifty gal and want to provide others ideas as well on how to have a great moment and provide thrifty ways of doing it.  So I went on my search.  Found an unbelievable site that provides free e-books.  Lo and Behold…a Free Beatrix Potter Book…Peter Rabbit with all the illustrations as well.  So now Dad can pick up the little one ..have NOW Best Self Help Books bookmarked onto the children’s ebook page and have fun sharing a special moment with his little one.  Great to look at the pix …they are big and can t bouch the picture and have a conversation about the story as well as feel love through all this conversation between Dad and the Little one.  Teaches the little one it is fun to sit on Dad’s lap and read together.  That Dad has time for me.   Dad will feel good too.  Lots of rewards in doing this.  Remember, my dad read the cartoons from the news with me.  We laughed and had so much fun together.  Love Nancy and Lulu.  My Dad worked many long hours and it was many years ago however, I still can remember and have the same feeling  in just reminiscing these special moments.  So…you can see that the whole day was taken up on this.  It meant alot to me personally to do this now that I think about it.  I also decided to bring in some new books that are available to purchase and start gathering up books that can be available to the little ones.  Books are so important to us when we are little.  I also wanted everyone to know that in some cases if you click on a book on the provided choices from Amazon you will be taken to Amazon and when you look at  all the prices there are some copies available for only $2.00 even though the hard copy costs much more.  So that is why I am combining today and yesterday together.  I was just writing and researching and tweeting up a storm to get people to know about this.

So now that I am Day 18 of the Challenge and have just completed my journal entry and have posted multiple tweets ready to go out throughout the next two days so I am ready to get back to writing.  I feel that this is the best way right now to get my message out so I can tell people I am here to support and help others and be their coach.  I know that during this week’s challenge I am really looking at other lives I would really like to live like one other life is to live as a magazine writer with published articles in magazines.  So today I am going to make every effort to complete my ezine article.  I already started this before I started the Challenge however, I think the Challenge is providing me a bit of support as it forces me to think about what is most important in my day.  To remember that as an in the moment gal I need to keep on getting the word out about my interests in helping people and write about it.  I think about all the different opportunities I have had in the educational arena.  Here I am working with others and releasing all the other work I have been involved in that does not support the main effort to show people how to love life every day and know that no matter what there challenges are they are just a blurb in their life’s path.  I remember it was so frustrating to me when I could not find answers however, when I stepped away and changed my lens I found answers.  In some instances I released my hold on some challenges and let them go.  After time elapsed it was the best thing I could do.  One challenge I released took care of itself.  It  was not even my challenge I found out.  I just wanted to be the good friend and help.  I think that was a lesson where I learned that coaching is different …we don’t come up with the answers we come up with the questions and the structure for others accomplish their dreams and challenges.  That is what I am doing today…looking at my other lives that I have wanted to follow and finish a magazine article.  Well, I guess that is it for today.  I can really feel the Challenge is helping me become more aware of what I can accomplish when I focus.   You know I feel like the gal in Julie who took Julia Child’s Cookbook and started at the beginning and recipe by recipe learned how to cook like Julia.   Well…I need to go and write.  Good bye for now dear blog.  All visitors thank you for your visit.     Oh…Happy Halloween!  Visit my Halloween message under the navigation tool Town Center.  It is a fun Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen Active Card to share too.

A few weeks have gon by since I started the NOW Challenge.  I can say that there have been some emotions that have surfaced.  When you start to Nurture from the Inside Out. I have found out that I become more aware of what I am doing as well as what I am not doing.  I have done much work in this area however, it amazes me how I become more aware of my own uniqueness.  That I am not like anyone else.  That by the way also goes for each one of you as well.  As it is approaching Thanksgiving and looking at our blessings I can say that I am blessed with where I am, what I have decided to do for the remainder of my life.  My focus is definitely on my coaching and supporting other coaches as well.  My focus includes helping people have happy moments and smile at eachother.  Life has such challenges and I have experienced them for sure.  However, a smile really makes me feel good and it is proven that it can help others more.  This is a great tool for our Resilient Life Tool Box.

Have a good day and please join me so I can support your nurturing that beautiful inner “You.”  God Bless!

New blog…Hi Everyone! Well, things are really happening. As Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I can say that my focus is bringing lots of clarity. The NOW Challenge is helping so much. It help keep on target and it is amazing all the unbelievable miracles that are happening. Some might seem small to others however, as one stays in the moment and knows that this is the only time one has to act it also provides a time to notice what is happening around me. I wrote a blog yesterday just about this thought. Visit . Important to notice all that is around. Might miss something that is unusal however, a special time. It has proven that it is special times for me. Support is coming from all over to get Brook N’ Dell on the map. It is viewed the world over and that I am thrilled about however, the village mission is to make a difference and I think that is just what is happening. WOW!

Well until the next entry I hope you join me soon. I am there for you. Would love for you to experience the power of The NOW Challenge. You deserve it. I know it has made a difference for me. God Bless!

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