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Welcomes “You” to Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

We are so glad you have come!
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January is a time of new beginnings!  It is a time to enjoy the season where we plan our focus for the year so we than can live In the Moment each day knowing that when we take action each day it will lead us what we plan for this special year, 2011.
Here, at Brook N” Dell we send you wishes for a Wonderful Year, 2011 to you and yours.

Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village is a dream come true.  It is a harbor for people to come and rest.  It is a place like no other.  This is a special Village where all the inhabitants and visitors have the greatest desire to thrive.   As you walk the paths and venture out into the surrounding areas you will find people really enjoying nature at it’s best.

You are invited to come back again and again.  There will always be something new around Brook N’ Dell Village.  Right now, we are so thrilled that so much is happening.  We have visitors coming from all over the world to visit.  Please stop by our Imagination Isle where children love to visit to the Dell Ranch to Mt. Spirit. You will find unbelievable villagers ready to share their gifts with you.  You can also visit the educational and business centers to find more villagers who will provide tools for you to thrive in this challenging world of ours.

If you wish to visit our some of our artists, visit the Victor Hugo Visual and Performing Arts Center.  There is so much to see as well as music to listen to.

Make sure you stop by our Village Shop.  We have Artist, Marie Brown’s prints and greeting card as well as books for your enjoyment..

"Carousel Horse" by Artist, Marie Brown

By Artist, Marie Brown “Unbridled Ar”

Visit her Gallery at the Art Center right here at Brook N’ Dell

Also, please visit our newly open “Now Best Self Help Books.” Our villagers have recommended books for you to read at your leisure.  You will find their lists here.  This “Stop” will also provide lots of other articles as well excerpts from books and video interviews for your enjoyment.

Sharing Books We Love and Recommend to All!

As you know construction takes time however, support has come forth from many people.  We continue to  acknowledge these people who have spent so much time in actively taking part in tackling our infrastructure.  We are also listing where are visitors are traveling from.  So amazing and thrilling to see people come from all over the world as well as from many of our 50 states in our USA.

Please enjoy your stay and while you are visiting our pages, you can listen to one of our archived radio broadcasts from “In the Moment.”  Each of our villagers can also be found on one of our archived shows.

Lastly,  we have started our “Now Challenge.”  Please visit and join us.  This is the first of many courses that will be coming your way.  We are proud of this Now Project.  Our main mission is the Nurture Our World within each of us.  We than can Nurture Our World around us.  Included in this Challenge is the promoting of all to thrive and live a resilient lifestyle.  Coaching is included in this first Challenge.  Do visit “Now.”  You will find it on the navigational button above.

Remember, we would love to hear from you.  So, do drop us a comment about how some of resources have helped you while you have spent time with us.

We thank you for coming and will see you soon again.  There are new happenings weekly if not daily.  So we hope you will come back again.

If you would like to visit our blog please visit Be Happy and share a Smile with those around you!

Developer and Founder,

Adele Arnesen

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Welcome to Resilience Living Connect

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