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In the Moment “Now” – There’s a New Trailhead in Sight Series


Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with In The Moment on BlogTalkRadio






Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with In The Moment on BlogTalkRadio

“In the Moment” with Adele Arnesen presents a new series all around ….Ways of going on to that new trailhead you have been looking at and wanting to travel on. Our new series will begin with developing a new dialogue and ways of getting your mindset to say, “Yes, I am going to do it.” Yes, I want to experience this new part of my journey and I am not afraid. I am prepared with the right tools to take this new leap. My Resilient Life tool box is packed with all I need.”

Jeff Cannon will be joining me as we talk about our own journey and tool box we are using to overcome that next trailhead. Jeff is also going to share what he is creating for all of us around our personal growth, development, and creativity in our life . He will also be making an announcement on a new on-going event that will begin very soon. So…don’t miss this special moment during the broadcast. .

Do join us!. It just might be that you would like to join us “live” and ask questions and share your own moments around taking that new path towards growing personally and developing the special gifts in your life.

Please share this date and time with others. The only way “In The Moment” can grow is by everyone knowing we are here each week. For a list of resources … visit Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

Resource List


  • “Dare to Be Happy” by Helen Lowry Marshall
  • “Women in Wonderland” by Elizabeth A. Watry


Developing mini-trails and making a difference

Motivating Others

Examples of Developed Missions and the people involved

Benefits of Going Outside and Hiking (Anywhere)

Hiking is Good for the Head

Living with Nature in Our Life-Photos from Yellowstone


Enjoy our broadcast – including A Bit of Yellowstone with A Photo Journal from today’s visit.

Check Out Self Help Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with In The Moment on BlogTalkRadio

We hope you will share your experiences as you enjoy Nature in your area of the world. Please write to us at Resilienceliving@outlook.com. If you would like a list of places to visit just provide us within your email where you live and we will send you some ideas.

visit our Experiosity Website and “You Tube Resources” we use to bring nature into our life as we work on the computer and at the Experiosity Tree House…Enjoy The Sounds of Nature…We hope you will find that this brings a calmness and a good feeling of the Natural world at your doorstep.

This is brought to you by Resilience Living, LLC and the Experiosity Project.

Resilience Living Connect
Resilience Living Connect

Coaching Teleclass starts July 14th – Wed


Teleclass starting – Please Visit the Chat Cafe.  Drop down menu will direct you to teleclass information.  Start off during the summertime acknowledging how extraordinary and special you are.  Bring your gifts onto a new level.  Whatever you would like to work on is up to you.  This is a fun way to start the day.  You deserve to be energized!…Go to Chat Cafe now and register.  See you on Wed. – Invite others …the more the merrier.

Radio Anyone? Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village will Broadcast “IntheMoment”


So Excited? Oh…Yes! Yes! Yes!

Have been waiting to Broadcast A “Live” Radio Program from Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.

The Title of Radio Broadcast is “Living In The Moment.” 

 All the blogs that have been written and pages found within “In the Moment with Adele” and within Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village are to enlighten the visitor with resources, tools and people who are there to support you in bringing happiness in your heart.  Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village Blog Talk Radio Broadcast’s main mission is to provide that one on one conversation with our listeners.   It is our intention for the Blog Posts and pages to come alive and jump from the pages into each and every broadcast.  The stories, resources and events around Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village will have more meaning.  

The main emphasis of “In the Moment” broadcast will be promoting staying in the moment.  

  •                                    Not venturing back in time …
  •                                    Nor jump starting on the future and what it might be like.

The emphasis of the program will be to stay in the “NOW!”  Stay “In the Moment.” Learn to feel…Learn the *Magic* is all around NOW…”In the Moment.”  You will learn how to discover who you are and to celebrate how you can accomplish so much by being in the present moment.  You will begin to  learn and really feel all that is around us with new meaning.  You will learn how to feel from the depth of  your heart and how special you are.

People from all aspects of life will be coming by to chat with us. It will be a time to learn how others have made it…and are truly living their passion. You will learn it is not easy. We will hear stories on how people had to work their way through challenges  We will have coaches coming by to talk about their niche in helping people find their passion and live fully.  

Oh..we will have fun doing this. Tools will be shared for you to apply to your day’s journey during each broadcast.

Do know ….you will be able to call in or email a question while we are on the air. This is all for you…For you to live life with passion.   This is all for you to have a  “Resilient Life.”   It all happens while you are “Living in the Moment.”

Check the time and date.  We will be waiting for you to join us. Please spread the word.

In the meantime have many Magical Moments living with passion!

Leave a comment about what you would like us to include on one of the shows.  

Until our first broadcast… “Live in the Moment”  on July 1 at 11:30 you will experience life in the “NOW” and feel the magic and power.

Remember…you deserve to show us your best…your gifts…your passion!  Remember when your heart starts to sing…your smile will light up the world.  You will find you can make a difference!

                                                                            Meet us on Blog Talk Radio…”In the Moment.”  


Look forward for you to become a friend of “In the Moment.”   You will hear me there.  Have a great week!