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In The Moment Broadcast – The Natural Way through a Child’s Eye Part 3


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In the Moment Broadcast with The Natural Way through a Child’s Eyes


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This broadcast is all about building a tool box to help you and your children build communications about experiences. In addition, applying the tools to having adventures in the outdoors and writing about that exciting experience.
This broadcast is Part 1 of a 2 part series. The 2nd part will be next Wednesday evening at 9 MT time. Please join us.

Let’s Use Our Imagination…What Ideas Do You Have? Listen to Thoughts on this. Let me know Yours

You Are On Candid Camera

Today is the day to ignite our imagination.  Your imagination and mine.  This is definitely a journey where we need to join together to promote our passionate ideas.  So let’s begin….

The First Thing I would like you to do is listen to my broadcast …Just click on the blog talk radio button on the left.  During this broadcast I share my passion and my thoughts and ideas about each of us.  

Step Two – Please click on the picture below of M. S. Murwin, Nation’s 17 Poet Laureate.  The highlight of his interview  with PBS is about the Power of Imagination

W. S. Merwin, Nation’s 17th Poet Laureate

Step 3:  What do you wish for…What are your Ideas.  Think about the Imaginary Life I shared during the broadcast.  What is yours.  Ask yourself what you can do to be purposeful and adding a part of that life into your life today.

Step 4:  Draw a circle – Place yourself inside the circle and list names of all the people who support you and your ideas.  Outside the circle who are fearful of what you are doing and do not support the uniqueness of your work.  Remember, I talked about building the bridge within your circle and what might happen.  You just might have one of the fearful censors following you over that bridge.  Try it and see.  Remember, you have many supporters and that includes me

Step 5:  I am here for you.  I provide that support as your professional coach.  I have others who coach as well as those who have been challenged and are living the Resilience Living Lifestyle.  I invite you to join the NOW Challenge.  So invite you to learn more about it right now.  Look above on this page.  Look for the word “NOW.”  Click on that navigation bar.  It will take you to the link to receive your invitation to this Challenge.  You deserve to be on this Challenge.  It is all about you.  You can go at your own pace and you will have my support all along the way.  You will also see the drop down links to other pages.  Some pages are protected however, the last link is open for you to read.  Please visit that link as well. 

Step 6:  Let’s Imagine you are already taking the NOW Challenge…Ideas are coming…People are coming into your life to support you.  Let’s write about what you would hope it would look like.  So…relax, meditate for at least 3 minutes and then sit down wherever you are comfortable and write and draw all about what you see as you imagine.  This is your time.  You are on Candid Camera.  I am excited! I hope you are too!  If you still need a push view this….The Push.  Hope to hear from you …Until then,

                        Best to you in all your “Special Moments! 


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Our Broadcast this week Celebrates Children with Johnny Bullard,Retired Principal. Broadcast available 24/7

Time to Explore!

Johnny Bullard, Retired Elementary Principal

Johnny Bullard


Visits “Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village” on In the Moment” Blog Talk Radio Broadcast and shares his thoughts with us on the importance of “Caring for our Children.”

Johnny Bullard, White Springs Florida, Retired Principal, brings us a lively chat about his love of children. Johnny Bullard believes within his heart and says “Children may not always remember what we taught them, but they will always remember how we made them feel.” This special Principal has been loved and admired by this town and is so thrilled to share with our listeners what he believes about education today. Johnny will tell us how we can play an important part in our children’s education and how he thinks we should go forth in the future to make a difference in each child’s life. Even though he is retired he will share what role he wants to continue to play within the school in White Springs, Fl.

Time to Share, Learn and Grow

This will be such a special interview as Johnny is dedicated to his community and is filled with stories to share and continues to be an advocate for each child and his or her education.

Make sure you have your pad and pencil ready to take notes. School has started and we must all take part in the future education for all our children. He will talk to us about how each one of us can make a difference

Below are some books that you might find helpful tools in supporting your child’s “success” this year and further into the future.


“Aging Well” Professional Coach, Beth Cole, shares her work on “Living with Exuberance!”


“Aging Well” Professional Coach Beth Cole joined me 9/9 on “In the Moment” Blog Talk Radio Broadcast…The broadcast is available right now! Click on the blog talk radio button to your left, sit back and listen.

Aging Well and Curiosity have shown that they go hand in hand in living a full life.  A recent study showed a group who lived over 100 had a predominent common thread. They were all curious.  Beth Cole, our friend and Professional Coach will join us to share more about Aging Well.

"Aging Well" Professional Coach, Beth Cole

Beth says, “My passion is guiding people to be exuberant about their present and to gleefully plan and execute a future of great fulfillment. It’s about Aging Well. Emily Dickinson wrote, “We turn not older with the years, but newer every day.”

Is there a better goal than being newer every day? Have you said to yourself a thousand times, “I know what to do but I just don’t do it?” I know, I know – we are inundated with information about the aging process and healthy aging and wouldn’t it be great to have the support and encouragement you need to process it?”

This sharing moment will be filled with so much excitement on life and living well…aging well.  Join me this Thursday at 11:30 EST

Please visit our “Aging Well” Coach, Beth Cole, on her website at http://www.agingwellcoach.com/.  You can sign up for a subscription to Beth’s “Aging  Well Tips.”

Also, visit and learn more about Beth, here, at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.  We will be providing some of Beth’s wonderful monthly messages to support what she wants all of us to be…Have a Fulfilling Life and “Live in the Moment.”  Click here for Beth’s “Aging Well Tips” and Message

Book Recommendations: 

Ken Unger talks about his work with People’s Transformation and Healing


Ken Unger


 America’s Soul Doctor

Ken Unger, Transformation and Healing Your Pain






 shares how his own healing journey on our “In the Moment” Blog Talk Radio Broadcast this Thurs.   On this broadcast, Ken Unger, shares what led him to the insights that have transformed so many lives.  From his own healing journey he learned to integrate theology and psychology in practical ways that have impacted thousands of people through his books, retreats, seminars and Ezine. He’ll share how his new book, The Ultimate Breakthrough – Spiritual Therapy for Emotional Pain, has helped so many people go beyond self-help to self healing. It’s literally a book that’s proven to help people heal the brokenness that sabotages lives. He’ll share the simple methods he recommends to help you heal the core pain that keeps you from being all you can be. He says, ‘If you have an emotional problem you need an emotional solution.’ Based on his belief that ‘if you heal the pain you don’t need aspirin,’ he also describes the stories of those who are no longer addicted, overweight, or bound up in relational prisons of anger, rage and abuse – the same methods that helped him overcome his own stubborn problems and flaws. His vulnerable style and fascinating anecdotes will inspire you to seek your own Ultimate Breakthrough. Finally, he’ll share practical things you can do to achieve that. 


Visit Ken Unger’s Website at http://transformationincorporated.com/ 


Life Chapters, Challenges and Choices! Guest, Veronica Reinhardt shares her story on being Resilient


Life Chapters, Challenges and Choices…Dynamic Tools for Survival!

Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village Presents Guest, Veronica Reinhardt on our Blog Talk Radio Broadcast – It has been archived and is available right now!

Veronica Reinhardt suffers from a spinal injury as well as heartfelt sadness that she struggles with each and every day. Visit with us as she shares tools she had learned to use each and every moment …step by step. She is making it and you can, too, by learning some secrets she has built into her daily life. Veronica will share Chapters in her life with stories on the Challenges with each Chapter. As she lives through these challenges she has uncovered tools that now are in her Resilient Tool Box.

Don’t miss this broadcast. She wants you to know how you can take on challenges and write your life chapters and knowing, showing and applying tools that change the path for the next chapter.

Veronica suggests the following book which is a part of her Resilient Tool Box…You can place an order directly from the books listed below through Amazon.com. Just click on the book(s) and Amazon.com will process your order.

“Being Able to Bend”..Guest Artist, Sandra Baker-Hinton shares her challenge to paint!

Visit with Sandra Baker-Hinton on our “In the Moment” Radio Broadcast archived from Aug. 5th.  What life lessons and tools she will share.  Her tools will definitely prove that we should live for “NOW”…in the moment!  It is the only time we really have to make a difference.  Sandra has and continues each day in making a difference.  Hear her story! 
Artist, Sandra Baker-Hinton

I thought of a metaphor  Willow trees can bend because of its flexibility but the beautiful ornamental pears just break, split apart, & must be cut down when a strong storm hits.
Sandra shares her life’s journey similar to the flexility of a Willow Tree.  Join Sandra & learn how she has always felt strongly about her love of art since her childhood.As she followed her passion to be an artist she always looked for opportunities to pursue her career even in small ways as she raised her childreno finding watercolor classes to attend. This path le her to her career as a professional artist. She founded the local Chattanooga cooperative which almost 40 years later still in operation.  It was during this time she learned valuable business lessons that are important for an artist to learn.

Amelia San Jon Gallery

In 2002 Sandra moved to Amelia Island.  It was only failure that led her to make this move,everyday she is so thankful for what seemed like the worst possible thing to be such a positive step in her life.Sandra says,”I think that this is one of the lessons in life.” 
During our interview Sandra will share how her challenges have made something good come as a result of bad.She says,”You can’t learn if you don’t fail sometimes.The greatest lesson in life is to land on your feet,adjust your direction with the options you have and don’t dwell on the past.”Sandra will share about her challenges & her lessons that lead her to say, “We have but one chance and we have gotta play it for what its worth.  We have to remember any decisions we made behind us were made with the best information we had at the time.  There is no 20-20 vision when looking ahead.  No second guessing what you choose to do.”

Sea Turtle

As Sandra shares her unbelievable story with us she will tell us how these challenges helped her to continue to pursue her career and become a well-known artist and the owner of her own gallery, The Amelia SanJon Gallery.  She will even share about her love and involvement with the Sea Turtle.