Lucy Buckner’s “Wellness” Room


Welcome to Lucy Buckner’s Room…The Wellness Room for Women.


First of all please meet and greet Lucy by listening to her on Our “In the Moment”
Broadcast.  Just click on the button below and learn all about Lucy and her dedication to the Wellness of Women



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Lucy wants to share so much with you.  She is beginning a “Special” 8 week course for all of us to learn to look at life from the stand point of “Easy Wellness for Today and throughout the rest of our life.”

For information on this 8 week personal coaching offer please visit her site at Easy Wellness Today and visit her upcoming events page.

Join Lucy by contacting her via her website.  While you are there you can receive so many more resources to help you flourish in your moments each and every day.

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 Thank you for visiting Lucy Buckner’s Special Wellness Room.  Please do come back again.

More resources and links will be continuously updated as Lucy Buckner provides added services for all of us to learn about.

                                                                                                                                                        Adele Arnesen, CEO and Founder


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