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Resilience Living Manor House Educational Center at Carriage House Green
The Resilience Living Manor House Educational Center is the home
 of Resilient Brain Fitness Center. 


The Resilient Brain Fitness Center is proud to share the work of Dr. Bill Crawford, psychologist and author and his work “Life from the Top of The Mind”

Please enjoy one of Dr. Bill Crawford’s PBS specials brought to you as a 4 part series on You tube.  His work enlightens our mind and heart in order to have Clarity, Confidence and Creativity in our Life.  
Dr. Bill Crawford, Psychologist - Author - "Life from The Top of Mind"

Dr. Bill Crawford helps us understand about stressors, ultimate performance and understanding Life from the Top of the Mind….

Coaches us to thrive rather than to just survive from “The Top Of The Mind.”! 

Consider Dr. Bill for your educational functions.  His work can be applied to all areas of  business and throughout the educational arena.  Visit his website to read many testimonials on his work and words at  Any questions you might have let us know at

Dr. Bill Crawford has presented specials on “PBS” …Below is a 4 part series  on the special entitled “Dealing with Difficult People Versus Them Dealing with You.

Part 1


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The Brain Fitness Center also wishes to share a You Tube Video with host Mike Gungor as he describes the Difference between a Man and Women’s Brain…We hope you find this video a fun way to remember the workings of the brain.

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