“Unbridled” Art Gallery


 Brook N’ Dell Village


“Unbridled Art” Gallery and Collage

by  Artist, Marie Brown 

“Unbridled Art Collage” by Artist, Marie Brown

The Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village Gallery

is Proud to Present 

“Unbridled Art” by Artist, Marie Brown.

 (Helpful Hint while viewing the Gallery:  If a picture does not appear place cursor on left arrow and go back one picture.  This will give the next picture time to upload for your gallery viewing.  There is also music for your listening enjoyment.  Just below the gallery slide  show you will see the music controls.  Start music by touching the first button

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  • All art in the “Unbridled Art Gallery” is available for purchase. To purchase this art follow these steps:  Jot down the number that appears with the Title below the watercolor. 
  • Email directly and tell me which picture you have chosen-include name and number and quantity to info@inthemomentwithadele.com
  • I will send you an invoice with this order which you will be able to process below with our secured Pay Pal account.

  • Cards and Prints

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