Curbstone Ranger, T.J. Starr


The Village and Victor Hugo Center for Visual and Performing Arts Welcomes, Radio Host, The Curbstone Ranger, T.J. Starr.

We welcome T. J. Starr to our Broadcast Wing at the Victor Hugo Center for the Visual and Performing Arts. What a delight to have such a special celebrity share podcasts of his broadcast “Saturdays on Sunday” from his Hilltop Studio. His show is presented each Sunday via YPR –  Yellowstone Public Radio from Billings, MT.

“The Saturday Show on Sundays” is broadcasted weekly at 3pm (mountain time).  This special show is described as a special show with “Vintage humor, speeches from the days when patriotism had substance, and lots of music you won’t hear on the animal stations . . . the bear, the fox, the bee or the wombat.”   This is a podcast you will not want to miss. Make sure you bookmark this page to return again to listen.

To listen to one T. J. Starr’s memorable broadcasts you must listen to his broadcast of “The Forgotten War.” (Click on The Forgotten War to proceed to the broadcast links)

Additonal works of T. J. Starr will also be included along with his broadcasts.  For the first time he is about to share many photos from his private picture collection as well as his own work.

Please share your thoughts of our special T. J. Starr Wing at The Victor Hugo’s Center for the Visual and Performing Arts.

3 thoughts on “Curbstone Ranger, T.J. Starr”

  1. TJ – I love your radio show. Maybe there is an error on your website for liking as it says I’m the only one and there is an error.
    I look forward to your show the most of any!! Wonderful show. I never know what to expect and it’s always great!

  2. Hi,
    This is Adele, T.J.’s webdesigner. You visited T.J. on the Brook N’Dell Village site which supports T.J.’s work among other talented people. I sent your message to T.J. as well so he can respond to your special message.
    Do come back to Brook N’ Dell again.

    Best! Adele Arnesen

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