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We are Broadcasting our special “In the Moment” Radio show from “Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village.”

August 19 – Artist and Guitarist, Nancy Asbell…Visit the Visual and Performing Arts Center where you can learn more about Nancy.

August 12 – Veronica Reinhardt visits with us to share her challenge where she suffers from a continual severe spinal injury.  She speaks of her challenge and how she has built a “Resilient Survival Tool Box”

August 5 – Sandra Baker-Hinton visits with us and shares how her life transitions to where she is today.  She is the proud owner of the Amelia SanJon Gallery and a dedicated volunteer protecting our Sea Turtles.

July 29th

Deb Manser joins me and we talk about “Horses.”  Why she formed the Hope Chest Foundation to care for rescued mistreated and malnourished horses.   She is a “Dare to Care” recipient.  


July 22nd

Clowning Around with “Knock Knock” Deb Neitch…Visit Imagination Island right her at Brook N’Dell Virtual Village to learn all about her work. 


July 15th

Dr. Bill Crawford joins us on “In the Moment.”  Read more about this broadcast on our post and

This broadcast will be Thurs. July 15th 11:30 est.

*It is the 1st highlight for the month of July*  and the highlight continues as Dale Beaman has invited all listeners to take part in a special “Life as a River” August 21st in Jacksonville. Mention the radio broadcast and she will not only lower the fee of the workshop to $99.00 (reg fee $149.00) moreover, provide a 30 minute personal coaching session.  I can not thank Dale enough for offering our listeners such a great opportunity.

Please consider this offer as a chance of getting on to growing in who you already are and having clarity in your life.  You so deserve it! 

To sign up go to Dale Beaman’s link which is provided below.  When you see her home page, scroll to the bottom and click on “Life as A River.”  Here you can sign up for the workshop and make sure you mention the In the Moment broadcast so you can receive her special coaching session as well as a special fee of $99 for the workshop.  You are definitely taking the right steps on you journey when you join Dale.  I have taken the workshop and came away learning more about who I am and have more clarity about my life’s work.

You can listen to us every week at 11:30 am on Thursday with the exception of this week. 

You can now listen to our archived broadcast right now!  Click on the broadcast arrow below and enjoy!

 Our topic will be all about Dale’s Work and Passion!

Included in our discussion we will chat about Understanding our life as Living with life’s Flow. 

Dale’s workshop “Live as A River” provides the clarity to live and be extraordinary!  To understand and go with the flow of life rather than battling it.

Dale quotes Richard Bach – “The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare let go. Our true work is this voyage, this adventure.” ~Richard Bach

I know you will enjoy Dale’s enthusiam for life.  Her work supports everyone.  The tools will support you whether you are a leader in business or an organization, educator, or entrepreneur.  The tools will support your personal life as well.  What a better way than to listen to Dale as she shares tools which you can follow and also share with your children and family.

This broadcast is for everyone! 

You will also know Dale can help you individually or your business or organization.  Her background speaks for itself.

Please visit Dale’s website at

She will be a support and catalyst to your business and personal journey.


As Dale says….Tap into the RIVER …


  • Refresh the values that give you life
  • Discover your distinct purpose
  • Find direction and navigate your journey
  • Experience renewal that gives you momentum
  • Free yourself to follow the life calling you
  • Create the Extraordinary in your work and life!
Life as a River was inspired by Graham Kendrick’s song,
“Is Anyone Thirsty?”  

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