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First Week in August is International Clown Week!

Remember to listen to interview with Knock Knock, Deb Neitch.  Blog talk Radio Button on the left.

On Sunday, August 8 we will host a clown worship service at Peace Presbyterian at 2300 Southside Blvd , Jacksonville, Fl at 11am. It’s a unqiue and very special event.


The World over has Clown Groups….(what work they are doing!)



The above link provides clown schools you can attend! 

World Wide Clown List of Clown Organization:   You can join world, country or local organizations

Directory shows Clowns by Category




 Angels Can Fly …A Modern Clown User’s Guide   By Alan V. Cay

The Art of Clowning by Eli Simon

Serious Play: Modern Clown Performance by Louise Peacock

The Mime Book by Claude Kipnis

Creative Clowning by Bruce Fife

Finding Your Funny Bone! The Actor’s Guide to Physical Comedy And Characters by Nancy Go

Class Clown Jigsaw Jones Mystery by James Preller and Jamie Smith

“C” is for Clown:  A Circus of “C” Words  (Bright and Early Books) Jan and Stan Berenstain

The Man Who Loved Cars by June Rae Wood

Clown Child by Amy Littlesugar

Clown Faces Stickers by Nina Barbares

Clown Skits for Everyone by Happy Jack Feder and Lafe Locke

Elga Learns to Juggle by Ellen Gall


 Visit our Market Shoppe and Choose Toys and Games and enter Clown Supplies…Lots of Goodies Available..

Remember all purchases made at the Market Shoppe (Amazon) right here at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village will support a non-profit organization.  10% of profits go to a charity.


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